Can anyone help with this ?:
I have one W10 Pro (1909) in workgroup with shares on it as home computer and the second W10 Pro (1909) I have in company domain. When I want to connect from my company W10 to shares on my home W10 computer it works fine. I just put home comp local user credentials and I am on shares perfectly.
But if I try to switch on "Offline files" on my company W10 computer and set some share folder from home computer to be always available offline I'm getting into troubles.
When I set it for the first time, all files are replicated to offline and thats it. But after rebooting this company computer with offline files on it I am unable to connect to home W10 computer anymore and access those shares again. Only replica and offline files are available offline of course but other shares not. If I try I get error 0x80004005 and if I try to map any other share it tells me that "something" is currently mapped using a different user name and password. Offline files are not synchronizing with shared content anymore.

Then If I switch off "offline files feature" again and reboot again then everything works fine again with shares. So setting up of offline files saves some kind of credentials somewhere and block connecting to shares even though I always use the same credentials.
So any solution to that ??? I want use offline files and connect to other shares on the same computer and without connecting and putting the credentials even offline files dont sync.