My Win10 laptop can't see my Win10 desktop printer

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    My Win10 laptop can't see my Win10 desktop printer

    I have four win10 devices, some are seen on some, through my network, but not all are visible on all. I would like to be able to access all machines from all other machines. Also, in the past I have been able to access a printer attached to my desktop, but it goes away at times. At the moment I can access a networked drive on my desktop but not the printer. What is it with this crappy Win10 file/device sharing. I have tried many of the fixes on YouTube and goggle fixes without success. Any ideas?
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    On the computer that can see everything, look at the settings under Settings/Network and Sharing/Network and Sharing Center/Advance Sharing. Copy these settings to the other devices. Make sure all Computer devices are on a Private Network, not Public. Turn on Network Discovery, File and Print Sharing etc and make all of your computer devices the same.
    As for the Printer, go to Settings/Devices/Printers and Scanners right click the Printer and make sure it is Shared. Give Full control to Everybody.
    Then press the Windows key+R and type sysdm.cpl and press Enter. Press the Change button to rename computer and make sure all computers are part of a Network you Name, (ie) Home or something, not the generic Workgroup. Apply and OK and restart all the computers.
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    All those seetings changed sometime ago...

    Checked and re-checked all sharing settings and system settings. File and printer sharing enabled.
    My laptop still does not show desktop on the network. I can access a mapped drive on the desktop so I know I haver access to it.
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  4. TV2
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    Have you tried:
    • Control Panel > Devices and Printers
    • Add a Printer
    • Click "The Printer I Want Isn't Listed" to stop search
    • Choose: Select a Shared Printer By Name
    • Now enter the path to the printer : \\sharedcomputername\\sharedprintername
    • Next
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    .... I get "cannot access this device" error, ie the desktop.
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  6. TV2
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    OK, First some basics.
    The PC the printer is connected to is a desktop. Is the printer connected by USB?
    The problem PC - is this a desktop or a laptop?
    Lets call the printer PC the MAIN PC, and the problem PC the NEW PC.

    In the meantime,
    In File Explorer, under Network, can you see MAIN PC on the NEW PC?
    Can you see NEW PC on the MAIN PC?

    Also: do both PCs have the same WORKGROUP?

    Can you describe the connectivity? Wireless or Ethernet? Best to describe the whole setup of all 4 PCs.
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    Well don't it just figure - I was checking the status of the network and now the MAIN is showing up. I have done nothing in the last couple of days to any settings on either machine.

    Here are the answers to your queries..

    The printer is attached via USB to the MAIN computer.

    Problem PC is laptop.

    Laptop does not show MAIN PC in network.

    The problem PC (laptop) sees itself and one other DESK top.

    PC's are networked via WiFi.

    I am changing all machines to HOME workgroup.

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  8. TV2
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    So lets try this too:
    Make sure all 4 PCs are on the same WORKGROUP.
    Turn off all 4 PCs (completely off).
    Turn off your wireless router. Wait at least 30 seconds. Turn it back on. Wait for it to fully initialize.
    Now, start turning on the PCs one at a time. Wait a minute or two for each one and check to see if it shows up in the Network section of Windows Explorer (File Manager) on the first PC you start.
    If all goes well, all 4 PCs should show. If they don't then you may have a networking problem.

    If the laptop sees the MAIN PC, and vice-versa (in Windows Explorer), then try to Add a printer again.
    Report back what you find or don't find. Everything is a clue!
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    More clues?

    OK... so check this out...
    I changed my laptop and a notebook ( which I couldn't see before on my laptop) to HOME workgroup and rebooted. I could no longer see the MAIN which mysteriously had shown up on my laptop before changed workgroup names. I could, however, now see my tablet on my laptop. I couldn't change my MAIN because my wife was in the middle of something so I changed the workgroup on my laptop and tablet back to WORKGROUP like on the MAIN. Now MAIN and tablet don't show under NETWORK.

    One more thing, I have short cut to the MAIN computer and it works. I can see the drives and the attached printer. I can access the drives but the printer it not accessible. (Access is denied).
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  10. TV2
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    So what I am thinking is that the router is now completely lost. It is trying to keep track of these machines according to networking logic.
    That's why if you systematically make the changes as I described above, I would expect the router to recognize that all these machines are in the same Workgroup and can talk to each other.

    Also: You can name the Workgroup anything you want, not just WORKGROUP. You could name the workgroup gwandless if you wanted.
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