Hi All - I have a weird situation and hoping you can help me.

The thread title pretty well describes my problem. I have had an Ubuntu server running for over a year, and I auto mount some network shares from my Windows 10 machine onto my ubuntu 19.10 machine using fstab, and it has been woking really well for the past year or so.

Just today, I updated my password on my windows 10 machine, updated the password in my .smbcredentials and rebooted both machines. When my ubuntu machine rebooted, I noticed that my mounts were no longer working, and all incoming connections from that specific ubuntu machine are being rejected by my Windows 10 server.

I've tried just pinging the IP address of my windows 10 machine from my ubuntu server, but get 100% packet loss.

For shits and giggles, I temporarily disabled my windows firewall, and boom, everything started working again. I've googled endlessly, but nothing I've come across has fixed my problem.

I'm able to connect to this Windows 10 machine (using the updated password) via smb/ssh/sftp from other windows machines, android phones, android tv devices, and other linux machines. The ubuntu machine in question is also able to access the internet no problem. I am able to ping other machines from my ubuntu server on my local lan, as well as remote hosts (such as google, etc.).

I have no idea how changing my password on my Windows 10 machine all of a sudden cause my Windows 10 firewall to block all connections from my ubuntu server machine.

Anyone have any ideas?