I have a Synology share "\\storage" that I can't access with a particular domain user account "Dennis" from a particular workstation "YYZ" running a brand new, clean install of Win10 Pro 1909. I get a message that says: "This user can't sign in because this account is currently disabled." Dennis is in the administrator group and I've confirmed that his account is not disabled. Dennis (the person) does not have a local account on this machine.

I can access \\storage from YYZ when logged in as domain administrator. And Dennis can access \\storage just fine from a different workstation. It is only the combination of Dennis trying to access \\storage on YYZ that seems to be a problem.

I get no dialog box asking for a Synology user name and password prior to the error dialog. And, when logged in as Dennis, there is no existing entry for this share in Credentials Manager that needs to be deleted or updated. To make things even weirder, Dennis can successfully access other shares, including other Synology shares (on different hardware), from YYZ.

Bonus FYI: Dennis (the person) is moving from an old Win 7 Pro workstation to this new Win 10 Pro 1909 workstation. In September 2019, he changed his password on his old Win 7 Pro workstation and has used that password without issue ever since. When I set up the new workstation and tried to add the Dennis user account, I kept getting an error that the username or password was wrong. (It wasn't.) It finally occurred to me to try his previous password and the old password is what the domain controller wanted. I then changed the password from the old to the new on this new workstation. I don't understand this weirdness and I'm not sure it is related since other shares are accessible but I mention it nevertheless.

Thanks in advance to anyone that might have any insights.