First off I have to note by no means am I a network guru so please bear with me.

I have a question/problem with networking. I have 5 PC’s - 4 laptops and a desktop.
Lap1 (Win10), Lap2 (Win10), Lap3 (Win8), Lap4 (Win7), Desk (Win7).

I routinely logon to Desk and Lap4 from Lap1 (no need to logon on to the others). Everything works fine with Desk; however, I am not able to logon to Lap4. I receive an error when I try to access Lap4 from Network:

“Windows cannot access \\Lap4. You do not have permission to access \\Lap4. Contact you network administrator to request access.”

I do not receive this error when attempting to logon to Desk.

As noted, both Desk and Lap4 are Win7 machines; Lap is Win10. I believe I have both Desk and Lap4 configured the similarly (i.e., I have user accounts with the same names on all three machines).

Now here’s a weird thing. I can map Lap4 using “Net Use X: \\lap4\drive”. However, I can not get to Lap4’s document folder (x:\users\name\documents) – I receive the same error message. But, I can get to Desk’s document folder.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.