Networking to a storgae device in a mixed win7 and 10 LAN

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    Networking to a storgae device in a mixed win7 and 10 LAN

    I run a household of 3PC's - a desktop and 2 laptops - all using win7. The PC's connect to a LAN, and thru the LAN to the internet modem. Also attached to the LAN are 3 NAS devices, holding off-PC backups and a public media drive which I use to store media (video/photos/music) useful to all PC's and to transfer files between PC's. The main desktop is the youngest and only one worth the effort of upgrade to win 10 - or so I thought.
    Currently, I've reeled back to win7 on the desktop after 2 aborted attempts to upgrade to win10 v1909, each one failing for different reasons; not the upgrade itself, but what win10 itself does to the apps and connectivity. And the likely killer in this effort is networking to the LAN NAS devices. I've read the 32 page networking tutorial, and frankly none of the options seem to fit what I do. And in passing I note that win10 has many if not most of the security challenges that caused the user revolt with Vista, now vanished from the windows horizon.
    So I thought I would set out what I do, and ask what the closest approximation under win10 is - if there is one.
    First - operating idea
    No direct file sharing between PC's - they are on or off as they need to be. Sharing is by copying a file to a folder on the Public NAS. Access to a shared file stored that way, or any of the backup files on the other NAS is simply just click/copy/paste.
    Second - a win 7 explorer screenshot summarizing what I do
    - map a network drive to the NAS, so it appears in the explorer pane when open (in all 3 PC's) - starting at the end of the alphabet for drive descriptors (X,Y and Z).
    Networking to a storgae device in a mixed win7 and 10 LAN-explorer-network-backup-copy-n-paste.jpg
    This image shows the local drive structure (part) and the NAS as they appear in explorer. I've marked it up to show the process - click on source folder, copy, paste to the target folder. Also shown are the backup files: taken per drive in 25gb compressed lots, total around 460+Gb per cycle now - the copy takes over an hour on a 1gbps LAN connection. No way is that going to be possible using Onedrive with the poor internet performance locally, even if I desired to have all that floating around in the cloud somewhere. Which I don't.

    So, how can I set up windows 10 on the desktop to mimic this? Without changing the ability to access those NAS devices from other win7 PC's as they now do??
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    Your NAS is likely using SMB V1, which you need to enable in Windows 10.
    Enable or Disable SMB1 File Sharing Protocol in Windows
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    Welcome to Ten Forums @Davidk

    I back up to a network drive shared by my router. NavyLCDR has hit the nail on the head, for my W10 machines to access the network share I need to enable SMB1. Note that you will only need to enable the SMB 1.0/CIFS Client to be able to access a NAS that uses SMB1.
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    Hi guys,
    Thanks you for that.
    I've got a backup cycle for the system drive on the schedule in about 2 weeks so I'll try this out when I have done that, and report back.
    Some commentary so far (from someone who is reasonably literate in win7 but a complete tyro to win10) , and related clarity is requested
    - the tutorial option 1 looks like what is suggested - but the text there implies share with another computer. Clarification to include NAS would have helped.
    - the screenshots are informative, but all but para 2 lack any detail about how to get to them
    - at para 9 there's a note about password protection for sharing being turned off. how?

    As background to a level of frustration with win10, my 1st upgrade was "in place" - per MS recommendation. The process was smooth and when over, every icon on the desktop started the related app - but internally in the most frequently used video editing apps - 4 of them - now broke in use. I spent weeks regressing/changing drivers for everything - nothing fixed the problem. In this mode the printer, email and internet access worked fine.
    Desperation - 2nd upgrade, tried a clean install, worked and in the process identified what was causing the video editor to fail in the 1st attempt - the MS C++ redistributables, about 17 of them, and in the clean mode the installed editors worked normally. I found a cite to an MS report about compatibility issues if the same runtime is not used with them. I could not imagine a more different runtime than win10 (compared to win7) being used with redistributables installed under win7. But since these are "community" assets, once in-place uninstallers leave them alone, and installers skip installation if they already exist. Which ones are used with the editors? Trying to find out. If I can, will replace them: meaning uninstall, and let the new installation of editor software find and install the ones it wants.. But in this 2nd attempt, win10 re-lettered all my drives, I spent hours re-configuring the email and browser (because claimed profile export etc didn't work), trying the map the networking connection failed, and the printer software install from original disks rejected multiple times. At that point I bailed back to win7.
    At this point I am questioning my sanity in trying to upgrade to win10: at least with win7 everything works.
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    Have done more reading on this . . .
    The steps outlined in the Tutorial option 1 look like they would get me to almost the same place as selecting "map network drive" in win7 explorer. I say 'almost' because while they set up the LAN communications mechanism, there's no follow-up indication of which networked drive should be mapped in or how to do that.
    Is there something missing here or is it just that not having win10 to tinker with, it's not obvious???
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