Unable to Home Network New Windows 10 Computers

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    Windows 10 build 1909

    Unable to Home Network New Windows 10 Computers

    My wife and I got new Windows 10 computers in the past couple of weeks because Windows 7 is basically shutting down. We are both on version 1903 (OS Build 18362.535).

    Whereas it was a piece of cake to network Win7 computers together through Homegroup, I'm struggling to figure out how to network together these Windows 10 computers in the absence of the Homegroup crutch. Wife's computer has three user accounts on it; mine has just one.

    I was able to figure out how to make Wife's computer see my computer's files, and she can send me files, so we're all set there. I just can't get my computer to see Wife's computer files.

    The two basic things I can't seem to get around is (1) being able to access Wife's computer in the first place:

    Unable to Home Network New Windows 10 Computers-windows-cannot-access.jpg

    And Wife's computer being able to share folders at all:

    Unable to Home Network New Windows 10 Computers-cant-shared.png

    I figure there must be some setting I can adjust that will fix these problems but I'm having a devil of a time trying to figure that out. I did see something about starting Services and setting Start type to Automatic on Function Discovery Provider Host, Function Discovery Resource Publication, SSDP Discovery and UPnP Device Host, allow PCs to be visible on the Network. It's working for one side, anyway.

    Can anyone help? Thanks.
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    Windows 10 build 1909
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    First of all, NavyLCDR, thank you for the link. I apologize for not replying sooner. Fact is, I've been fighting new laptops for the 10 days straight. I got two dogs I had to return, and I have been fighting this one a bit, although I may have it tamed now (with an updated BIOS). I won't bore you further on that.

    I have spent perhaps some six man-hours since this post working on networking Wife's and My machine, and I am, as they say, on the last mile. Wife's computer can see, read and write files on my machine. My machine can see and read Wife's files, but cannot write. That's the most important part right there: writing files on Wife's machine.

    This is what I see when I try:

    Unable to Home Network New Windows 10 Computers-you-need-permission.jpg

    So I have been working on Wife's machine to make that happen.

    It seems to be coming down to a lack of permission buried deep in the Advanced settings under a file's Properties/Security/Advanced tree on Wife's machine. Under Permissions it looks like "Everyone" on the network has "full control":

    Unable to Home Network New Windows 10 Computers-everyone-has-control.png

    But when you navigate to the Share tab, it says "Everyone" on the network has Read access only:

    Unable to Home Network New Windows 10 Computers-read-access-only-2.png

    And when I try to click on View to change this, everything is grayed out:

    Unable to Home Network New Windows 10 Computers-grayed-out.png

    Plus, this permission set is different from My machine, whose folders under this Share tab indicate "Everyone" on the network has full control:

    Unable to Home Network New Windows 10 Computers-2020-01-13_12-02-27.jpg

    And this is were I am stuck. Everyone on the network has full control of My documents, but have only read-only access to Wife's documents.

    I have googled around for a couple of solutions and I am coming up dry. Is there any chance you can point me in the right direction so I can get this resolved once and for all?
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    Windows 10 build 1909
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    No solutions? Nothing? Huh.

    It's really disappointing how Microsoft appears to be discouraging home networking by making it so much more difficult to do by removing Homegroup. Now they want you to jump through a bunch of hoops to try to make it work, and not even that is a guarantee, apparently. I guess there's money in it for Microsoft to keep people from home networking computers. Maybe they want people to do their networking through OneDrive instead so they can control the files and somehow monetize and control the IP for anything people upload to their servers? Who knows. Maybe someone here does.

    Networking on Windows 7 was a snap: set up Homegroup, share password, done and done. Getting rid of this ease of use for whatever reason is really, really disappointing.
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    What folders are you trying to share some in the user profile have special permission and even on the pc as admin you will have problems connecting.

    Can you try this way from a cmd line which you can save as a cmd file to use again

    net use s: \\tower\c$ /user:HTG Crazychange tower to the pc name your connecting to
    c$ gives you all the c drive
    replace HTG with an admin username on the pc your connecting to
    replace crazy with the password of the admin user on the pc your connecting to

    One of your problems is your computer names have a - in the name and MS dont like spaces or - in a name rename the pcs with no space ie chuckdell
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    I had the same difficulty with sharing my folder on my Windows 10 Pro with my wife's Windows 10 Home.
    I'll try to direct you to what I did to give my wife full control: cut, copy, paste, edit, etc...
    Go to the shared folder and right click>Properties. Click on the Sharing tab, then Advanced Sharing. make sure the Share this folder is checked.
    Click on Permissions and make sure Allow is checked for Full Control, Change, Read. Click OK.
    Now click on the Security tab. In the Group or user names, select Everyone* (or whatever name you want to share with) in that group, select Edit.
    Make sure all boxes are checked in the Permissions for Everyone*, click Apply, click OK.
    Click on the Advanced button near the bottom of the Shared Folder properties window-in the Security tab.
    Under the permissions entries: select the principle (for me, it's Everyone), click on Edit and make sure all the boxes are checked. make sure next to Type: Allowed is selected and make sure This folder, subfolders and files is selected next to Applies to:.
    Click OK.

    Hopefully this will get you what you're looking for.
    I will agree with you that some of these settings in Windows 10 are buried deep down in several boxes to navigate and access.

    Good Luck.....
    Steve in Central Vermont
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