Cannot access shared network drive

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    dbur said:
    I tried another Win10 computer connecting to the same shared folders and had the same problem saying my specified password is not correct. This one also used to work, and hasn't had any Win10 updates for a while. I can still operate the WIn XP computer from the Win 10 computer (I use Synergy) so the network connection is alive.
    So I have found no resolution to this problem. Interestingly enough I can share copies of the folders on my Win 10 PC and access it from the other computer, but not the other way around.

    So why can my XP PC see shared folders on my Win10 PC but the Win10 PC can no longer log in to see shared files on the XP PC? Both have accounts with the same user and login.
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    I found my solution, my hotmail is one of my login :)
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    Windows 10

    Cannot access shared network drive-untitled.pngHi guys

    i am hoping someone can help me I have just upgraded to the W10 anniversary build and now I can't access other computers on my network.
    every time I try I get the attached window pop up and when i put in my network name and password it says they are incorrect. Prior to the upgrade i have never had to put this in to access any computer on my network!
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    remoteglen said:
    Hi guys

    i am hoping someone can help me I have just upgraded to the W10 anniversary build and now I can't access other computers on my network.
    every time I try I get the attached window pop up and when i put in my network name and password it says they are incorrect. Prior to the upgrade i have never had to put this in to access any computer on my network!
    Try defining on the other PC's a new extra user and password, only for access. It helped me for the earlier W10 build.
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    W10 Pro x64. W10 Pro x64 Fast Insider Preview

    Go to
    Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Centre/Change advanced sharing settings
    And check that all the options there are set to allow discovery, sharing, etc.
    Also check the settings under Settings\Network and Internet
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    Windows 10

    Hi guys

    I have checked all the settings in Network and sharing and it all seems fine.

    what i don't understand is i didn't have a problem until i did the upgrade!

    I have updated 3 computers on the network, one via windows update and two via microsoft website using this..Windows10Upgrade28084.exe

    The two i used the upgrade .exe on are the ones with the problems
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    The best way to resolve this problem is to create a "User" on all computers on the network with the same name/password (more easy to remember) and you use this "User" to access network drives/resources.

    N.B.: It's a well known fact that Microsoft don't care about your custom settings, each time there is a significant update they reset some of those settings to their default. That's why I always wait few weeks before applying major upgrade, this way I know before what I will have to put back to my liking ;-)

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    Windows 10

    I got it! After 7 days of trying every trick I've read!

    I had to go into my router, (Verizon's "ActionTec Wireless Broadbound Router). I had to create an "Object," a collection of Host Names or IP Addresses. I entered the 3 Host Names of my 2 Desktops and 1 Laptop. And now they all talk!

    I can see all their Shares and shared printers from each machine now!

    Hope this helps someone!

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    Windows10, Linux, OSX, iOS

    Here is one of the ways to share the drive on Windows 10 with a little more security:
    Turn on Homegroup.
    Configure all computers for same Homegroup use. Passwords, and all that stuff...
    Make sure, that all your computers are on the same domain name like "WORKGROUP", or whatever you choose.
    Make sure Homegroup works on all computers, and they are communicating with each other.

    01. Right-click on drive.
    02. Choose: Share with - Advanced Sharing.
    03. Open "Sharing" tab in the window, that pops up.
    04. Click "Advanced Sharing".
    05. Tick "Share this folder" box.
    06. Click "Add" button.
    07. Choose the name for your shared drive.
    08. Click "Permissions" button.
    09. Highlight "Everyone", and click "Remove" button (this step is is for your better security).
    10. Click "Add" button. The window will pop up.
    11. In this pop-up window click "Advanced" button. Another window will pop up.
    12. In this window click "Find Now" button.
    13. A list will appear below.
    14. Choose from the list "HomeGroup User$", and highlight it.
    15. Click "OK" button to close the window.
    16. Make sure to check-mark the boxes for "Full Control", "Change", and "Read" in "Allow" column (unless you want to give a restricted access)
    17. Click "OK" button to close "Select Users or Groups" window.
    18. Click "Apply" button, and then "OK" button on "Permissions for" window.
    19. Click "OK" button on "New Share" window.
    20. Click "Apply" button, and then "OK" button on "Advanced Sharing" window.
    21. Click "Apply" button, and then "OK" button on "Properties" window.

    Repeat this for each drive that you want to share on your network.
    Then you can map your shared drives on your other computers, and you will have full access to it.

    In other words - you just set up the permissions for Homegroup users on that drive.
    This way you don't have to use your password every time you need an access to your drive(s)
    Of course, it's only secure in your own environment, inside of your home on your own LAN, behing the firewall.
    Never do that in the "Public Environment".
    Even though, your Homegroup is somewhat secure, it is not the security, that you want to use there.
    But it's definitely better IMHO, than just giving full permissions to "Everyone"... :)
    I only tested this with Windows 10 machines. Don't know, if it will work on other versions of Windows (although, it should)...
    And no, NEVER TURN OFF PASSWORD PROTECTED SHARING, like somebody suggested in the previous posts!
    Hope that helps.
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    Windows 10

    Easy fix for Windows Credentials networking error

    jgt1942 said:
    On my desktop (AKA S4, currently running Win8.1 x64 pro) I have shared out four of the hard drives with full permissions. I have 5 PCs in my network and all can access the four drives. My sister is visiting and currently accessing my network via cat5 wire. On her PC (running Win 10 x64 pro) if I view the network in Windows Explorer I can see my desktop (S4). When I double-click on S4 I'm prompted to enter network credentials. "Enter your credentials to connect to: S4" I entered my logon S4 ID and password but it tells me that the user name or password is incorrect. What the heck should I be entering? All computers are part of the same work group (WORKGROUP) and all computers are wired connected. All computers can access the internet.
    It will take less than 1 minute to fix this problem. See my video at youtube and let me know if it works.

    How to solve Windows Credentials log-in error when networking - YouTube
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