cyberlunacy said:
wow I am shocked no one knew this and am sorry I am late to the game after 5 pages.
WiFi does NOT work in safe mode, this has been the case since Safe Mode With Networking was brought about.
Wifi is not a standard safe mode feature, never has been and the fact that Windows tells you it cant start the network pretty much tells you it aint gunna work.
you MUST connect with Ethernet for it to work.

its the same reason why PXE Booting/Booting to Network is not possible with Wifi, no chipset that I have ever seen atleast.
You Are incorrect sir. Safe mode with networking works with wifi in Windows 7 enterprise. I just tried it a few days ago. I tried it on a dell xps 15 l521x with Intel advanced-n 6235 wireless network adapter.

But it doesn't work with wifi in Windows 8 or 10