Should I Replace My Router

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    Should I Replace My Router

    I am looking for advice regarding our router, not that there is anything wrong with it, far from it. No, what I am after is advice as to whether I should replace it for an up-to-date router. I have not had any security updates since about 2013 and also have reason to believe it has vulnerabilities (can't remember which one/s) which cannot be sorted due to no updates being available.

    The router is a Netgear WNR3500L we've had for eight years or so. In that time it has served us very well and continues to do so. Its just that it apparently has vulnerabilities and I'm therefore wondering whether we should replace it and if we should replace it, what should we replace it with (make, model) bearing in mind my budget is 100?

    Any help much appreciated. Thanks.
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    Routers are like PC's and new ones will have a faster CPU more ram it's a no brainer the new ones will have much faster AC wireless which is a lot faster than the old n type. What you don't tell us is your ISP and if your on fibre or ADSL without that we can't recommend a router. The first move is to see what your ISP will supply as often like Plusnet they will give you one set for their network for 10 normal price 120
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    Hi Samuria

    Thanks for your response. Currently we are on BT Infinity and I've just checked my broadband speed and its coming down at a rate of 36.51 Mb/s and upload of 7.22 Mb/s. At present I believe we're on a fibre/copper mix but we have been offered even faster speed so perhaps the fibre has been extended further into the village. Whether we're on ADSL now I don't know, I guess we are but it all seems to get swallowed by the general term "BROADBAND". I'm hoping the download speed may give you some clues.

    I'm not really sure I've answered all your questions but its about the best I can do.

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    Whether we're on ADSL now I don't know
    Not sure how it works over there (across the pond), here we have SAT, Cable, ADSL/DSL. ADSL/DSL is a phone line connection. Cable is a coax 75ohm connection and SAT is Satellite and depending on SAT company they use various connection types.
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    Basically yes, it is getting old and should be replaced, but there is no particular hurry in doing that.

    They have changed somewhat since then.
    I would not limit yourself to a budget, what you need is something in line with your requirements, plus a bit of upgrading.

    Basically you need an ADSL/VDSL modem, upgrading your Wireless to ac standard.
    You can do that in 1 box, instead of 2. I assume you have a separate Modem box.

    Out of the Netgear range probably something like D7000 150 in the UK.
    ADSL/VDSL modem included, so one box. You don't have to, but it is neater.

    I have a D6400 which is about 98 now, but whilst it works great, the box design is poor with a wobbly L stand and cramped hard to get at Ethernet sockets. I'm not with BT but the ISP does use BTWholesale.

    I would also look at BT community/user forums for compatible models, there are others. Be careful, most people have very limited knowledge.
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    My ISP tells me 3 years is a good life for a Wireless Router.
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    Berton said:
    My ISP tells me 3 years is a good life for a Wireless Router.
    Really ? 3 years isn't very long even though with technology leaps (Of which in wireless have been less than spectacular), I would have to say 5 to 7 years. I believe your ISP is in $ generation on their rental side ? The caveat is if there is a discovery of a potential thread due to hardware limitations (ie can't be fixed with code changes), then by all means, 3yr or less could be the limit.

    My current router is 4yr old Netgear R6400, and has had many code upgrades to thwart future attacks, but has served our needs with no complaints from any user. The only downside has been I have had to add a switch, because we ran out of local port attachments (However there probably isn't a router with in reason that has more than 4 local ports). However, I plan on replacing my hardware in another 3 years unless it develops a issue before that.

    The OP's router is nearing its real life span and in reality she should think about a replacement.
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    I believe your ISP is in $ generation on their rental side
    They only furnish a Wireless DSL Modem, the Router is up to me.
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    Hi All

    Thanks for all your replies particularly Helmut who was very helpful. As advised I placed a post on the BT forum but so far no-one has taken the trouble to respond. As a result I've been looking for something as suggested by Helmut, i.e. ADSL/VDSL compatible routers which hopefully will work with BT Infinity.

    So far I've sorted out three routers that I believe may meet, and surpass, our requirement, the ASUS RT-AC68U, the TP-Link AC1900 Archer C9, and the Netgear AC1900 (R7000). I have found a website ( which places the ASUS at number one out of ten as the top unit for 2019 although it was introduced several years ago. I've traced it back to 2013 and that is about the only thing that puts me off the unit and the netgear isn't a lot better. Mind you I have no idea how long before we bought it our current router was introduced!

    Before posting the above, I did a search for 'BT Infinity compatible routers' and came up with a Novotech pageful which included the Asus and the Netgear. As a result I've gone for the ASUS in spite of its age and we'll see how it goes.

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    All 3 are just about the same, Router only options. I am sure the ASUS will be OK, no worries.

    I would think all from around the same year. a.c. standard wireless specs dates from around 2014. They all have recent firmware updates.

    The more recent models are for even higher Wireless speeds and specs which most people won't be using as they don't have compatible devices.
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