To the OP, I'm sorry you think you may have wasted your money, as to whether or not you can make the router work for you may just be down to configuration settings on each PC.
My Dad and I were both on BT packages with 6/ 8 year old hubs (Home Hub 2 I believe), all we did was go to our BT homepage ( Dashboard I think it is now) and looked at our available offers...basically BT Fast Fibre package was the best we could get (another 18 month contract, but at reduced price for the first year). This involved them sending us a Smart Hub 6, which cost us 9.99 up front. When the Hubs arrived, just unplugged old one, plugged in new one...done. No messing with settings, other than wireless on laptops (needed to change access point and password) . We were both upgraded to Fast Fibre package (still copper + filter in home) and now get 60 - 70 Mbs down and 17Mbs up, plus new hubs do IPV6 and 5Ghz (your PC's will need appropriate hardware to connect at 5Ghz). The cost after 9.99 for Hub is about 55.00 per month excluding line rental, for unlimited broadband (no caps).
So that was both of us sorted with no hassle and just a few clicks on the Dashboard. Maybe you could use your new router (so no need to pay 9.99 up front), or maybe sell it on and recover some of your costs.