so i'm trying to set up one of my three ethernet connected networked pcs (all windows 10, 64 machines) as a mobile hotspot to be used as a vpn gateway for my apple tv, but i just can't quite sort it out and am hoping for some help.

first, enabling "mobile hotspot" works on two of my machines but not on the thrid (i get a "we can't set up mobile hotspot" error message when i try to enable it, but none of the many, many google "fixes" i've tried works)... but i should be able to use one of the other networked machines as a hotspot, right? also, all three machines have the same vpn software installed.

i tried going the vpn router route, i.e. connecting to a router that's been configured with a vpn, but i quickly discovered that i don't want all of my machines accessing the web via vpn because it's considerably slower than a direct connection, and i have no need for a vpn connection for all of my machines.

as mentioned, this is all about getting my apple device to go through a vpn (as opposed to configuring the dns settings i the apple device), and at first blush setting up a mobile hotspot, a virtual router, on one of vpn enabled pcs seemed like the best option, but i just can't seem to get it to work.

any help would be greatly appreciated!