win 10 Intel Dual Band Wireless-ac7625 will not log in to open wifi

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    Windows 10 Pro 21H2 Build 19044.1766

    win 10 Intel Dual Band Wireless-ac7625 will not log in to open wifi

    while my android and Win 10 laptop will just fine.

    Both that will connect and surf the net do either display and easily dismissed nag popup or X-able alert from the browser saying you must login to this net work, Dismiss the popup or notice and no problem with is being connected and surfing before the nags manifest.

    I haven't looked to see what network card the android has but the win 10 laptop has The Broadcom 802.11 Network Adapter.

    The Wi-Fi Properties are set the same on both network cards but, Configure-Advanced reveals The Boradcom has many more settings than the Intel 7265 unit.

    The network challenged win 10 unit with the Intel network chip has been reset and now it does not see the Open Network the other devices see and are connected to no problem.

    Before resetting the network, I was able to change a coupleadvanced property settings and it would then see the Open Network I want to connect to but would not connect stating must log in to connect.

    Any advice or help or what information may be further needed to see if I may be able to help myself.
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    Windows 10 Pro 1909 64 bit

    Intel Wireless Adapter

    I can tell you from my own experience a couple of suggestions. My Dell laptop (XPS 9Q33, bought in 2014) had an Intel AC 7260 wireless adapter installed. It worked well for one year up until I bought a Bluetooth mouse and enabled Bluetooth on the laptop. The Intel wireless card has built-in Bluetooth. From that point on, the network adapter never worked properly. I went through a litany of driver downloads, changed settings, disabling Bluetooth etc. I could never get it operating dependably again. Some of my messages to this site are still around.

    A few months ago, I installed an Intel AC-8260 adapter and it has worked well since.

    However, after installing the new adapter I came across a post by someone who suggested when installing new/updated drivers for Intel that is was important to delete the older drivers from System32/drivers. For your adapter, these drivers are most likely "netwtw06.inf" or variations on the number. There are also the same driver type with .sys and .dat file extensions. You need to delete these. I did the same when I installed my new network card, but I believe if I had cleared out the older drivers first I may not have needed to swap the network adapter.

    After that, you can download updated Intel driver files from the following URL. Note (important) - do not download any drivers that include the Proset management application. You want the drivers only and this means downloading the driver package "for IT admins". The Proset application is known to cause problems.

    Downloads for Wireless Networking

    There are also many web sites that list the adapter settings for your adapter. These may or may not improve performance but the most important thing for you to do is start from a clean driver install. Let us know how it works.
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    Windows 10 Pro 21H2 Build 19044.1766
    Thread Starter

    Great and thanks!

    I found Netwtw.04.sys and Netwfw.04.dat

    do I simply delete these files and then install WiFi_21.30.3_Driver64_Win.exe by pasting it to the correct System32 - drivers folder and run as administrator?

    will that do it?

    I believe if one is a cuplrit, it will most likely be the sys file as the other one has been updated earlier this year.

    TO delete the sys file which is prevented because the file is open in another program, what do I close or turn off in order to delete it?

    I hope I am not pushing the limits of your benevolence by asking what very well be found on the forum but with the two devices I have to work with, it is beyond what I can do for multiple reasons.

    The laptop quit connecting out of the blue but connects fine at say McD's.

    Even at that my physical limitations make it tedious and painful to use.

    This obsolete android is brutal and my NYC with two huge monitors and input devices that I can use make all the differences in the world.

    Thank you very much
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    Windows 10 Pro 1909 64 bit

    Go into the control panel > hardware and sound > Device Manager > Network Adapters > Your Intel Adapter > Driver Tab, and uninstall it completely. Go back to System32/Drivers and see if those files are deleted.

    There is an free application called Driver Store Explorer which you should be able to find on the web. The executable is RAPR.exe, just to confirm that you have the correct D/L. Once installed, right click on rapr.exe and run it as administrator. The output will list the drivers on your system, and it has the ability to force deletion. However, it only lists the actually driver files which are .inf, not .sys and .dat, so for your specific use it won't be helpful, but it's a handy application to have available. It might find an .inf file in another directory, e.g. System 32/drivers/etc

    As to the .sys and .dat files, you may be able to delete them by booting into safe mode without networking. Before you go that route, you might try double-clicking the Intel executable. That is, you don't paste the .exe file into System32/drivers, you double click on it from the your downloads directory (assuming that's where you D/L) and it will install the new files in the correct place. It might overwrite/reinstall the .sys file without corruption. It's worth a try.

    If you uninstall the wireless adapter completely, and reboot, windows will install it's own driver for the adapter. You will be able to check on the Drivers tab noted above. If it starts working better, than keep that driver. Or, while you are on the Drivers Tab you can update the driver by pointing it to the downloaded .exe file from Intel.
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