Want to disable web access by pausing a task or a service

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    Want to disable web access by pausing a task or a service

    Would anyone happen to know of a central task or service that will suspend a PC's access to the web? ... so that browsers and downloads stop working.

    I'm aware of the methods to disable WiFi or direct connect devices. But you have to determine which connection the PC is using. I'm looking for a single process that's used in either instance ... so if the process isn't running, web access doesn't work.

    Also, I don't mind if my in-house network continues to operate for things like printer sharing. What I want to stop is any connection to the outside world ... without having to disconnect the PC.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    It is called blocking them at the Gateway, by not allowing those MAC IDís to access any external ports. You also block the machine from getting any updates or email. Easier just not connecting via Ethernet or WIFI, with the computer locked in a room with no means to connection to any LAN connections.
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    Remove default gateway then they can us the lan but not internet
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    Thanks for the responses.

    Remove default gateway
    That sounds like a good solution. But would you mind pointing me to an example or to additional details. I've never looked at doing that sort of thing.

    I didn't specifically mention it, but the solution needs to be a command sequence that can run from a CMD file:

    I had presumed that it would be easiest just to suspend some central task. That way I wouldn't have to know how the PC was connected. But if the default gateway is central, that should be fine.
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    Hi there


    trouble with removing the default gateway doesn't stop them from manually setting it themselves so I'm not in favour of that one -- you might just as well unplug your router at specific times - however router can be easy enough to setup for what you want automatically. The firewall etc can block sites and also do all sorts of other things too (the Router firewall not the Windows one).

    Use the router for this !!!! the router itself can control by macid or whatever - really useful -- logon to your router and see.

    Problem is these days more and more bits of software are being made to operate "in Idiot mode" so sensible manual configurations are not easy to get at or even exist anymore. Trying to configure email accounts with complex mail servers in really bonkers now on Outlook 2019/365 these days as an example of over simplification chaos.

    to logon to router it's usually something like or unless you have one of those spanking new IPV6 things - not too many of those out there in the consumer market though although they will handle outbound IVP6 addresses.

    Anyway you should be able to find some sort of screen like this which will give you loads of choices

    Much easier than trying to control from any PC.

    Want to disable web access by pausing a task or a service-snapshot15.png

    Want to disable web access by pausing a task or a service-snapshot14.png

    Another good reason for doing this is you can see what the pc's are doing on the net - for example whose on facebook all day long etc. Routers have very good logs BTW.

    However for knowlegable users it's always possible to get round these things if they have a mobile phone as they can probably create an access point anyway - but at least it's on their bill (i.e they aren't using your wifi but the phone's 4g/5g system on their account etc if they are accessing dubious sites etc etc).

    BTW another disdvantage of "The gateway method" is once you've switched it off you won't have wifi access to switch it back on again either so you'll have to have a LAN connection to access the device, !!!!

    Reminds me of those imb***iles at a help deas when I was doing some contract work for a large International Oil company -- PC not working or whatever --so their response was "Please send an email to the help desk" --- they never though "With what" especially in those days mobile phones etc weren't so ubiquitious.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. You've made good points. And the cited disadvantage is significant.

    I'm starting to explore my gateway router. So far, the "maps" I've found are tabular, not graphic ... but I can see the parallels. I'll have to get past the hurdle of the terminology before I try changes. This is new territory for me.
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