Can't reliably access my router setup screen after W10 Solved

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  1.    07 Aug 2015 #1

    Can't reliably access my router setup screen after W10

    I have three computers wired to my D-Link DSL-504T modem/router.

    Since upgrading two of my PCs to Widows 10 Pro (activated, clean install) I can no longer get reliable access to my routers configuration screen ( through these PCs, although my third computer that is still running WinXP has no problem at all. Internet access on all three computers is unaffected and works perfectly.

    The two W10 computers get to the router login screen, accept my username and password and then try and display the next status page whereupon the following happens:

    Firefox: Stops with 'The connection was reset' error
    Edge and Internet Explorer: Sit waiting forever (or as long as I'm prepared to wait!)
    Chrome: Occasionally displays part of the status page, but mostly just sits there waiting.

    The WinXP PC just sails along, displaying every page instantly and putting two fingers up to its more modern brethren!

    I've reset the router and that makes no difference. I've turned off the Windows firewall and that makes no difference. It can't be my AV software (NOD32) as that is only running on one of the W10 PCs. I've flushed the DNS and tried just about everything I can think of and still the two W10 machines fail.

    A google search reveals that other people have experienced this problem with other OS's, but no-one has come up with a definitive solution and all the many suggestions that I've tried have made not the slightest difference.

    Any of you wise people have any ideas? Pretty please!

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       07 Aug 2015 #2

    Hey there,

    two fast ideas:

    a) Have you tried setting a static IP (same subnet as router) and then trying to acces the router again?
    b) Is your network a private or public network? Win10 seems to like defaulting networks to public, maybe there are some bugs (you surely saw all the threads and posts about "no connection"). I would try to change it to private and try it again.
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  3.    07 Aug 2015 #3

    Thanks for the suggestions Skalli.

    Same problem with a static address .

    My network profile if PUBLIC... not too sure how to force it to PRIVATE (I've refrained from setting up a Homegroup/Workgroup or sharing any devices until this problem is sorted).

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  4.    08 Aug 2015 #4

    Well I set up a Homegroup which changed my network profile from PUBLIC to PRIVATE but still no luck.

    What's so weird is that the opening login screen of my router setup loads instantly and correctly and the fields accept my username and password (which at the moment are the default admin/admin), but it won't progress any further.

    It's as if something is stopping the script from running. I've changed all manner of permissions and what-not but still the problem persists...

    It's doing my head in!

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  5.    14 Aug 2015 #5

    same problem
    d link 2540 t
    can not open some setting page
    router runing good
    from any pc log in without any problem
    jsut pc run with win10
    in ie 11 blank page
    in google chrome some page run
    but some pages no like status and wan setting
    please helpppppppppppppppp
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  6.    15 Aug 2015 #6

    Sorry man, can't help!

    The problem still exists with my system and nothing I try resolves the issue.

    Contacting D-Link was a waste of time... same old "you've forgotten your password" (I haven't) / "reset you router" (I have).

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  7.    21 Aug 2015 #7

    emailing d link 2 time no answr
    try many amny option no way
    no body have idea
    only wan setting page not working (chrome)
    ie 11 all seting pages not loaded
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  8.    22 Aug 2015 #8

    I believe dlink routers require java enabled browsers, so maybe check if java plugin is working properly in your browsers.
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  9.    22 Aug 2015 #9

    sciencegeek said: View Post
    I believe dlink routers require java enabled browsers, so maybe check if java plugin is working properly in your browsers.
    thank you
    yes try both 32 and 64 java plug in
    it work fine with many site base on java
    only this pag which load wan setting

    just can read page no update values
    os setting

    any anothe idea please
    thank for response
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  10.    23 Aug 2015 #10

    Man, at least you're able to access some of your setup pages :). Both my W10 systems still wont get beyond the login screen (well, they try to draw and display the next page, but fail in the process).

    I too have the Java plugin installed but I'm assured by D-Link that it's unnecessary and not required to run the router setup scripts.


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