Hi there

I have TWO sets of media servers that use DLNA so remote devices will connect - specifically Smart TV's.

Two computers BOTH running W10 RTM Pro with same firewall settings etc.

The remote devices should see 4 Servers in the DLNA menu 2 X Audio and 2 X Video servers.

The remote devices sometimes only show 2 - a reboot of the other machine sometimes (but not always) fixes it. It's always the servers from THE SAME machine that are the problem.

Seems to me Windows Networking is STILL a bit broken. !!!!

Media servers are MEZZMO (video) and Logitech Media server (Audio). Mezzmo while it CAN also serve as an Audio server doesn't "Do FLAC" which is the format I have 99% of my music in so I use the LMS server which works perfectly for FLAC.

I have 2 sets of servers as I let visitors etc use another set of libraries to my own set - especially if kids are visiting. Isolating the two machines is far easier than setting up a common system and messing about with folder accesses etc.

Disk HDD space is cheap enough even if I have some duplication here - in any case it works as a partial backup so it's not all bad to do it this way.