So I had 1803 build on my uncles PC which was using "Home" when it was set to metered, it would do it daily wu check like always but it would have to get permission to download and install the updates, which got notification in AC for.

Now his system is using 1809 build ( it was clean installed twice cause first clean install something broke with in 10 minutes) and IF metered connection is used, the daily wu checks no longer work. it went week of no wu check before i noticed it wasnt checking. soon as I turn off metered connection the daily wu check start again.

Why is this happening? or did something go horrible wrong with the install? I had home set to metered cause it was the only way to get wu to notify before downloading anything. and this worked in 1803 build but for some reason in 1809, all metered connection does is disable the wu checks. I could put the "allow" even on metered connections, but that will just automatically download updates which dont want. which i dont want and never does my uncles. he want to be notified of updates before they are downloaded like before on 1803.

and using one many methods to get gpedit.msc installed on home only install it not functionality of it, and sing the reg edit way to set wu notify before download dont work either.