Assign different internet connections for different programmes?

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    Assign different internet connections for different programmes?

    Hello there,

    I was wondering if it is possible to assign different internet connections for different programmes? I have 2 internet connections - 1. One that has very poor download & upload speeds but has a low ping and 2. another connection which has very fast download & upload speeds but has a very high ping. Is it possible to assign the first connection to gaming and the second connection to chrome for video streaming?


    Is it possible to combine them and use the ping from the first connection and use the download & upload speeds from the second connection?


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    You are talking about software load balancing. It cannot be done with a desktop, only Windows Server can Load Balance and is done using 10GB connections in modern Server Farms.
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    @tdubz -

    Why two internet connections?
    What are you trying to accomplish?

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    I have 2 internet connections.
    One is my home broadband which is quite slow and has 2mbps download speed
    The second is a mobile data plan (Because I live near a cell tower) and has much faster speeds of 50mbps.

    However my home broadbands ping is much lower than the mobile data's ping (as expected) so I was wondering if there was maybe a way to switch between my home broadband's connection for gaming applications and my mobile data's for video streaming applications like YouTube?
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    Hi there

    I can't see why not -- if you've got 2 different connections -- normally though it's better to have 2 NIC's for this

    however even with 1 NIC you could create a proxy server for some applications forcing it to go through connection 1 while the default (you can set those in the browser or the Internet connection program to skip using the proxy) to go through connection 2.

    There might be other ways as these 2 connections would have 2 different SSID's anyway.

    I'm sure there are more ways to do this so hopefully more people will post back possibly easier solutions -- don't believe suggestions that it's impossible -- Just needs a bit of research.

    If you've got a decent unlimited plan on the phone (I think the 5g things being rolled out now in various countries usually have unlimited offerings) then just ditch the slow ISP thing -- why pay twice !!!!.

    BTW cheap USB-->wifi adapters could be used as an easy way to have 2 NIC's on the computer if you want to do it that way. You could also mess around with "subnets" etc but that sort of stuff is "well beyond my pay grade"

    My solution is more like an Engineering solution -- I'm sure someone will come up with a better technical one though.

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    Thanks for your input @jimbo45

    I am considering your option.
    Although, I've now found a program called ForceBindIP - Will this do the job?
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    Hi @tdubz -

    @jimbo45 is basically on the right track.

    Only 2mbps? That infrastructure truly needs to be upgraded by your ISP.

    Easier to go all mobile.

    I have ran into this situation before with an old friend.

    My suggestion is to contact your mobile provider and see if they have the process/facilities to enable Internet Tethering.
    It can be done via Wi-Fi - N/AC, Bluetooth or via a USB port, preferably USB3.x

    Please read these resources:
    How to Tether Your Android Phone and Share Its Internet Connection with Other Devices

    If you don't have Android, there are other articles/procedures, as well.
    Best to call your mobile company for the correct implementation.

    I hope that you have an unlimited data plan for this - you will need it, no question.

    Kindly post back with your results.


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