I welcome the way in which Stickies and Timeline sync with my Android Tablet but am alarmed at what has happened between One Drive and the tablet. The One Drive files have not displayed as expected but as a list numbered 1, 2, 3 etc with no further information except the size which is 1 GB each!. More important is what has happened to the Android's SD card. It now contains a host of Windows Files, many of them exe, and weirdly files I do not have and as far as I know have never had on One Drive or my PC, or were deleted long (years) ago, or have names unintelligible to me! Bizarre or what?

Fortunately it seems I can delete these intruders OK, though it will take some time! My alarm is largely due to the possibility that this 'infection' might appear on my new Android phone where it could be more problematic.