Finally fixed my network speed issue.

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    Finally fixed my network speed issue.

    Using all available win10 previews and now the official public release I have had 100mbps speeds on my LAN.
    til yesterday when I set jumbo frames to ON and 9k size. I didn't try any other I just used the largest.
    BAM.. My full normal gigabit speeds are back.
    once again I find myself dumb founded as to what Microsoft has done to a 100% working network architecture to break it so badly that shares, speed, and availability are now nearly broke.

    NEVER have I ever had to use jumbo frames on any PC or OS. in fact doing so previously has made zero difference in throughput.

    i love windows 10 for what they did but it's actually worse than windows 8 on many levels. I won't go back to Win7 yet, if at all, I am just baffled why they did what they did for the home and pro versions. Sure make enterprise have a newish type of network architecture because businesses are going to do a complete review due up all of their PCs way home user is going to do one they're going to use Windows 10 be immediately turned off because the networking doesn't work very well if it all
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    Still strange, though, as my adapter has Jumbo Frames disabled and it runs 1Gig no sweat.
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    Yes I 100% agree
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    one other thing i noticed i changed and i will test to see which of the two did it was Flow Control. i disabled it.

    just checked and it was 100% the jumbo frames.
    set it to disabled and it goes back to about a max of 14mbps as a constant speed.
    enabled it with a 9k MTU and it shoots right back up to 70-90mbps.
    this is to a synology NAS which has never been known to have the fastest gigabit. though it is limited by the hard drive R/W speed ultimately.
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    I have a question. I was going to upgrade to the enterprise version of windows 10. I have Home already but I was wondering I have a 150 m bit connection from comcast I'm hard wired to my cable modem my router is a Netgear Router gigabyte also being used hard wired just for the built in hardware firewall. I have the wireless turned off. Everything that is wireless in the router is turned off the wireless security The wpa The Broadcasting everything. I have 2 ethernet controllers on my motherboard that I use. I have both of them bridged in my network and sharing. I have both Jumbo frames enabled for both of of my onboard network controllers. One is an intel the other is a qualcomm Atheros. Both Gigabyte. So I'm wondering? If I have Jumbo frames enabled at 9k the highest mtu bytes. I also have to have that mtu set in windows registry as well right? And I also have to have that same mtu set with the routers mtu as well right? Cause I tried to ping at the standard 1500 and is said the packet needs to be fragmented 100 percent loss. I got a good ping at 1472. but then you are supposed to add 28 to that which equals out to 1500. but when I went and Pinged Google at 1500 it gave me the packet needs to be fragmented error 100% packet loss. And I have it set in the registry for an mtu size of 1500 and it's also set in the router. So I assume it has something to do with Jumbo frames. I have to have a 9000 mtu or around that. For both controllers.

    Thank you so much!!
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    Hey guys. Forum newbie here. Saw this thread and thought one of you might be able to assist. I'm currently seeing 8-12 mbps when transferring large files across my home network, e.g. movie a video file from my hardwired Win10 desktop to my hardwired NAS unit in the basement. Using gigabit router and switches.
    A few things:
    1 - Where can I set the MTU value on my Win 10 desktop? I see it's currently set at 1500 on my NAS (Seagate BlackArmor) because there's a graphical UI with a field where I can set it. Wondering if there's something similar on my Win 10 machine. Google search came up with differing opinions. Is there any risk/downside changing the current MTU - assuming I can?
    2 - I see you guys mentioned that the 9k Jumbo Frames setting did the trick. My NIC properties has a Jumbo Frame property and it has 4 choices: Disabled (current), 2kb MTU, 3kb MTU, or 4kb MTU. Not seeing a 9k option. How do I get that to be a choice? I tried the 2,3, and 4 options and didn't see much change.

    3 - Any other tips or things I should check to improve home network transfer speeds? I'm a rookie with this stuff, as you can probably tell.

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