1GB fiber internet speed cut 90%, but ONLY on my PC...?? Solved

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    bro67 said: View Post
    Do not use the speedtest.net website. Download the app I mentioned from the Microsoft Store app in Windows.

    Look at the USB port on that machine and make sure that it is Blue (USB 3.0). Also check Device Manager USB devices to make sure that USB 3.0 is there and in the Bios for USB devices and that Legacy Devices is disabled.
    I downloaded the Speedtest app and got identical results that I do with the website. Exactly the same.

    I really don't think its a USB problem--like I mentioned, the USB/LAN adapter and the on-board LAN port both get the exact same speed results as the other (40/down, 250/up). And the LAN port worked perfectly for well over a year...
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    Hi there

    just as a test can you do these :

    1) can you plug your LAN cable directly into a LAN port on the router box - either your usb-->LAN or built in LAN . Ensure though with 1Gb/s you use decent CAT6 Lan cable or you can get degraded speeds down to 100Mb/s or even 10Mb/s.

    2) Try the same USB-->Lan adapter with the same cable on another machine if available --compare speeds.

    3) Check that it's all FULL DUPLEX

    Another idea if you can do it is to boot a Linux live distro, fire up Firefox (that's usually the standard browser installed on most Linux Live distros) and then simply run ookla -- you don't need to download any permanent apps on your machine(s) to test speed that you might have been advised to -- you aren't interested in absolute accuracy -- but a decent "order of magnitude". OOKLA is good enough for 99% of home tests.

    You can easily make a bootable USB device from a Linux live distro iso using Windows --simply download the relevant iso and then use RUFUS to create a bootable USB device.

    Linux Networking IMO always works straight out of the box properly --especially with LAN --so if you get sensible results then your Windows settings have gone a bit bonkers -- but I'm not a Network guru so I can't hep more

    I usually go for basically understandable engineering methods rather than complex parameter tweaks which if you really need them on a Home PC it says to me something is hosed up anyway.

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    @Kinexus -

    The procedure that I posted is very standard.
    Something is wrong - either procedural or within the filesystem.

    Try this:

    Start -> Programs -> Windows System -> Command Prompt (Then click right on it and 'Run as Administrator.")

    Then follow the rest of the steps I mentioned in my above post.

    Kindly advise.

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    Hi @Kinexus
    Just to check your settings, please open,
    All settings > Network & Internet > Data usage > Set limit > Unlimited.
    Background data > Never.

    Also make sure that this settings is set to off.
    All settings > Network & Internet > Ethernet > Network > Metered Connections > Off.

    If this does not help, you could try a Network reset from the Status section.

    If above does not help at all, please tell me what kind of programs you have installed,
    Such as antivirus, 3rd party firewalls, or other network related programs.
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    Not got a limit bandwidth setting in the Router by any chance?
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    Thank you for your help everyone, I tried all of these suggestions and checked everything over... because it was only my PC having the issues, with two separate laptops using the exact same LAN cable and router port with no problems at all, I figured the culprit had to be in my Windows system somehow.

    It was in fact a software problem, only not a Windows setting or registry glitch like I thought. At some point 2 months ago a program called "SmartByte" was installed on my machine. I think it piggybacked in off of a Qualcomm Bluetooth suite, even though I never told it to do so. The program description in the program registry was "monitors and optimizes bandwidth for video streaming." That sounded pretty directly related, so I uninstalled Smartbyte and the Qualcomm software, as they were installed on the same day.

    And just like that I'm back to full speed, 950 Mbps download speed. Damn thing. I didn't think this was the issue at first, as this was installed a full month or more before I started having problems. Or maybe it took me awhile to realize there was a problem at all... I really dont download big files often, and my TVs weren't effected so neither was any Netflix or Amazon streaming. Hopefully this solution helps someone else down the road.

    Thanks again for your help!
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    You're welcome :)
    Damn sneaky program ^^ i'm glad your connection is back to normal :)
    Don't forget to mark your thread as solved :)
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