2 Win 10 PCs can't network properly - What am I overlooking?

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    master list

    Let me echo the request of the person who started this thread for a master list of all settings.

    I have wasted incalculable hours over the past years since windows 10 arrived trying to get my home LAN up and running with mixed success. About a year ago I seemed to have succeeded and generated my own master list. But at some point, without making any changes to these settings, it has reverted to a chaotic some PCs cab see some but with no consistency.

    If I was not so invested in other Microsoft software I would have abandoned Windows long ago!
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    Danield said: View Post
    You are describing a situation that is exactly the same as mine, both D and L on 1903. To make the situation worse, from day to day, the situation will go from good to bad to good again, and you'll never know what you're going to get. None of the tutorials on 10 Forums on this subject apply any longer.

    All my systems are still on 1809. But these "it works, how come it doesn't work now, it works again but who knows why" cycles have been true for me since at least Win 7. That's why I find Windows networking so frustrating.

    One thing I have noticed is that there are so many "hidden" settings that can block your ability to see all the other systems in your home LAN in the networking icon window, even if you can successfully ping those other systems. Now add in the firewall, and it's a hot mess. I don't know if all these settings are documented in one place.

    FWIW, I started networking my PCs with LANTastic, back in the DOS 5/6 days, then Win for Networks 3.11. My kids grew up thinking that everyone's PCs were networking, and that was back in the 1980s.
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    Looking for the same tutorial.
    I agree that the 10Forums pinned tutorial is not up-to-date!
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    settings that work for me

    Shortly after my rant above, a "quality" update installed itself on my PCs which are now on version 1903, build 18362.175. You might think I have better things to do, but I decided to give fixing my network one more go and, what do you know, I succeeded (at least until the next update!). Recognizing that everyone's setup had differences, I thought it still might be useful for some to list the settings that worked for me this time.

    My network consists of six PCs (two of which are laptops), all running Win 10 together with two Synology NASs. I still have to access the latter as mapped network drives, but that is because of the first set of changes I made (see below). I am hoping to fix that be setting them up to connect using NFS, but that is going to have to wait for now

    Here are what I think are the relevant settings I either checked or changed

    1. Disabled NetBios on the network adapters on all PCs. This has the effect of forcing WSD as the network discovery message. Nothing else seems to be complaining about the lack of NetBios.

    2. In Windows features:
    • disabled SMB 1.0/CIFS file support and all three sub-options (I understand this is recommended for security reasons rather than for network functioning, unless you have any older SMB 1 relieant devices on your network)
    • left SMB direct enabled.

    3. In Windows services checked or set the following to auto and running (there are scads more but these are the ones that I remember from previous attempts that did have some degree of success:
    • function discovery provider
    • function discovery resource
    • internet connection sharing
    • Ipsec policy agent
    • network location awareness
    • workstation
    • SSDP discovery
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