Connecting Two Machines Wirelessly for a Dummy Wannabe!

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    Connecting Two Machines Wirelessly for a Dummy Wannabe!

    flatbed scanner on my tablet. It does not have a DVD drive. A friend suggested connecting the desktop where I installed the Canon app to my tablet, then running it remotely or installing it.

    I have never done this before. I am not having much luck. I tried this:

    Desktop Side
    HP Pavilion Desktop PC 570-p0xx
    Start > Connect>
    This device does not support Mirrocast

    Tablet Side
    Start menu > Connect>
    desktop-UR80KTK is ready for you to connect wirelessly.

    So given this I wonder if this track just will not work? They will not “pair”?

    The other thought was copying the app off the desktop to a flash drive then installing it on the tablet.

    I stalled out on that idea too. I was not sure which files to copy, if they are keyed to the desktop, etc, so I stopped there to try the direct connect idea.

    What is driving this is that I have a lot delicate flatbed work. The desktop workstation is already overflowing. I want to put the scanner on a table I have on the opposite side of room. I could save the files to that HD and transfer them directly to the desktop if they will connect? Or alternately save them to a flash drive and sneaker-net them?

    BTW. I am not running a router, but have a couple from the Neolithic Age that I uses as closet-fill.

    Any direction will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for any thoughts.
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    Hi Mike.

    I do and do not understand what you are are tying to do.

    Some devices allow a "Direct" connection through a browser but not knowing the Canon device it is very hard to say. I seen Direct connection mostly on HP's.

    Not knowing tablet even harder.

    Obviously you connected to Internet so go to Canon and get the the scanner install files for their support libraries for your device. Then you can sneaker net it over to Tablet.

    Is both your desktop and tablet connected to Internet. If so I assume you have a wireless network in your office, is this correct?
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    Thanks for your response,
    I have a hardwired Internet connection but not a wireless one.

    It occurred to me to copy the install disk to an external drive.
    I first tried to install it on the tablet directly. I did not get very far, but I think I missed closing the screen with the first step.

    So I took it took to McD's. I managed to access the Internet and run the installation again. This time it went looking for something over the Internet. It finally kicked with a message that something is missing.

    They may blocking me because I have installed in on the desktop. When I first got it I needed some help getting it started: so I called Canon. Then the rep stated that I could install it on multiple machines so I have been going on that thought.

    I just tried to call Canon but they must have shut down for the day EST.

    I will try again tomorrow.

    This is a pretty minimalist machine in today's terms. I only purchased it to have a low cost backup machine. I have not spent much time with it and I have never fiddled with mobile devices like this one. So even even the basics are an adventure.

    Here are the specs fyi.
    RCA Cambio W1162 - 11.6" - Atom Z3735 - 2 GB RAM - 32 GB SSD Specs - CNET
    Thanks again for your response.
    Stay tuned for late breaking news.
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  4. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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    You should be able to install the drivers and software on numerous machines. Never seen a restriction on this type of software.

    You said you have some routers in closet, I assume none are wireless?

    Am I reading spec correctly, no USB ports of any flavour? ( Usb 2.0, 3.0, Mini D, "C")

    What model is the Canon?

    What is your desktop hardwired into? Direct to modem, a vendor supplied modem / Router, your own wired router?
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    Thanks for your response.

    There is a usb port as well as a micro HDMI. It can be configured as a desktop. That's why I purchased it, besides getting some experience with a mobile device.

    Here are the manuals.
    CanoScan LiDE 400 manuals
    Canon : CanoScan Manuals - LiDE 400 -


    Index page
    Canon U.S.A., Inc. | CanoScan LIDE 400

    Drivers. I am not seeing any in the desktop device manager for the scanner. Are they somewhere else? How could identify them on the CD? Elsewhere?

    The desktop is hardwired to a modem. I think one of the old routers has wireless but I do not recall every trying it out. I think my only experience with that router was under Linux.

    This is a one-off project that calls for completion. It would be easier for right now to rearrange the furniture than setting up a wireless network, but I am still interested in a solution for the longer term.

    I will call Canon later today and see what they have to say.

    Thanks again for your help.
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  6. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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    Thanks for the manuals.

    Looks like this isn't going to happen.

    The only interface on that scanner is USB 2.0.

    Nothing wireless. Now you might be able to get a router and connect the scanner to the router and then wirelessly connect but I have my doubts.

    Sorry, you are doing this just so you have a backup scanner?
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    I had a conversation with Canon. They gave me some thoughts towards getting the software installed on the tablet. I have not had a chance today to try them out. I will be back in a day or two with the results. No it is not a backup but a complement to my two-sided-sheet-fed scanner. It has higher resolution for one factor. I have a lot of old, some very old and brittle documents, that I do not want to risk feeding through the sheet-fed with or without a carrier envelope. I am hoping that the higher resolution will let me engage in document restoration of very faded wet-fax docs using GIMP,

    How does usb 2 limit wireless in this instance? Maybe I do not understand you statement?

    Gotta run. Bye for now.
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  8. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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    The scanner only has USB2.0 connection. This is a wired connection.

    Your device, and I could be wrong has no connection ports.

    You maybe able to connect scanner to USB port on a router with such a port and you maybe able to connect wirelessly to router and you maybe able to "Share" this scanner with that device.

    I would plug the scanner into the desktop and move forward. The desktop likely has better processor and more memory meaning you can actually process those high res scans.
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    I have the Canon flatbed scanner working on the tablet. The idea of this project is to use that scanner independent of the desktop.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 1909


    How did you connect?
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