My wired network connection (CAT5) disappeared?

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    Network reset is supposed to reset adapter.

    Since you are talking BIOS I'm wonder if loading BIOS defaults would clear any possible glitches.

    We are presuming that this is an issue withing Surface. You eliminated (or certainly reduce) the likelyhood of this be an OS issue, leaving Surface Hardware and that hub.

    Is there any way to eliminate the USB hub or use an alternate? Can you connect hub to a laptop and see if it sees a wired connection.
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    My internet is delivered via my cable provider and the wiring goes like this: The cable comes into my system unlike anything I've previously seen. Normally, it's coax into a modem. Cat5 (or 6, recently) to a router or switch and then wireless or Cat5/6 to the CPUs. Mine is Cat5 directly into a Netgear router which gives me both wired and wireless connections. My wife has a hardwired connection from this router to her desk across the room from mine. She has no wireless capablility in her CPU and she's connected just fine. Mine was a hardwired connection to the Tripp-Lite bar connected via USB to my Surface. When I'd connect the Surface to the Tripp-Lite Bar, I'd have a hardwired connection. When I'd leave the bar, I'd select which wireless connection I wanted to use. When I'd return and plug in, it would retro connect via wire when I'd power up. Now, it's always wireless. To totally isolate this problem down, I'd have to get another Cat5 cable and another Tripp-Lite bar. Now, that's not an impossible situation that the cable or the bar is bad but, I really don't think so (with the lights on the Cat5 input). Personally, here's my hunch: Somewhere, it the registry, there is a default gate. It's choices are always wire, always wireless, wired before wireless, or wireless before wire. My Surface is stuck in the always wireless or wireless before wire mode. This rebuild wasn't a complete erase because my copy of Win 10 is still registered. I never had to enter the key. Don't read anything into my words. I'm not mad or frustrated, just anxious to get a fix, the right fix.
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    Me too.

    So how is Tripp lite bar connected to Surface? is this through a USB connection. Is this Tripp bar specially made for the Surface.

    If standard USB and not specially made for Surface can you connect to another computer and see if it works.

    Just so we are on same page, if you clean install Windows and your machine previously had Windows 10, and you didn't make any significant changes, like a Motherboard, Windows 10 will activate. So how or what did to restore, reset, recovery Windows?
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    Sorry I didn't get back sooner. Been busy away from my computer and when I was here, I was still bringing everything back. In doing this, I found something else. The way it's sitting right now, the download speed is indicated as being a wireless connection and it's holding somewhere around the 55MBs mark. I'm not sure where the speed is being measured but I'm assuming it's at my motherboad. That's basically the same reading as my wired connection (when it was there) and in line with what I'm paying for, a 50MBs connection. What's blowing my mind is that I thought wireless was throttled somewhere in the teens because of limitations (I'm not sure where or why) and that's why I thought wired was better. I'm not sure whether my icons got switched but, right now I'm happy. I'm trying to blow the cobwebs out of my mind. I've got just shy of 70 years on it, but this seems a lot like a restore from about a year ago. My wireless started hot but then it's sitting next to the router. Eventually, it fell off as either my system getting fragmented and picking up trash or it became truly wireless. I don't know whether I want to pursue a fix or not because of the amount of work (the rebuild after and the fact that it's working) but, actually defining the problem is worth the effort. Many thanks, again and hope to hear your take. Paul
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    Not sure what you are using for wireless. (Surface capabilities and router capabilities)

    On 5Ghz AC Wireless I get 200 Mbps and on 2.4Ghz N, I get 95 Mbps. You need a Surface Pro 3, 4 and Book for AC radios.

    Simply test for you, undock and rerun test. Or as we have discuss, enable Airplane mode. With wireless off you will know if you are on wired. Think you did that and there was no connection.

    MS has released 1903, maybe its installation will reset. You didn't say how you "installed" windows.
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