An update: Computer was working fine since my last post on May 6th, but finally happened again last night on the 21st. I shut off my PC though to go to bed and the issue was still there when I turned on my PC later (possibly due to Windows Fast Startup) so I restarted normally and issue is gone. When I lost internet, I checked the lease time and it was about 4-5 hours after my ip renewed, and it wasn't supposed to expire until the next day. I also tried bypassing the router just to see what happens, and I still got nothing (and yes I renewed IP again as the PC did not pick up the new IP by itself). I also checked my Netgear Genie on my PC to see that it supposedly says I'm connected o the router, but trying to log in says it can't find it. In fact,. I can't log into my router through my browser either when this problem happens, yet I can still ping stuff and the router does say I am connected with an IP and everything. I am definitely leaning towards windows at fault, but what in Windows could actually cause this?