Can I share a folder on win7 to win 10 is this possible ? Solved

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    Can I share a folder on win7 to win 10 is this possible ?

    Is it possible to share a drive on windows 7 and have it be connected to on windows 10. I mapped a network drive on windows 7 and my other windows 7 can see it. On both windows 7 computers I did not touch dum homegroup I started a network and I did not choose work or public I choose home it gave me a number to write down - I did not use homegroup. But maybe the problem is that I used home when I should have used WORK maybe home is the same as homegroup ??? When we choose work does it give a number to write down ?
    I made folder named stow then I mapped a network drive named z I can connect to it on my other win 7 but windows 10 just knows that I know the Network Credentials
    IT thinks that I have setup a name and a password for my share.
    EVEN THOUGH i have gone through all the 3 things to get rid of the windows security things
    I got rid of network credentials manager but did nothing
    Push Win Key and type "Services", locate those services, start them and set Start type to Automatic.
    Services are:
    - Function Discovery Provider Host
    - Function Discovery Resource Publication
    - SSDP Discovery
    - UPnP Device Host
    I did all these things.

    So far I have spend about 4 hours fiddling and searching and I wonder how many hours total everyone has spent trying to get past this. ohh --yes I have 1803
    So maybe instead of asking how to get rid of the enter network credentials in order to access my mapped drive I will just ask :

    IS IT POSSIBLE to share a folder on windows 7 and have it be accessed on a windows 10 ver 1803 machine if so HOW ?
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    HomeGroup was merely one way to set up a network. I'm not sure if you used HomeGroup or WorkGroup as the basis of your network because I couldn't follow you completely. HomeGroup no longer exists in Windows 10 but WorkGroup does.

    You can set up a network of Windows 7 & Windows 10 computers based on a common WorkGroup name with shared drives/folders on any of them accessible by any of the others.


    How to Change Workgroup
    Set Network Location to Private
    Share Files and Folders Over a Network in Windows 10

    and, for other network guidance, see the Tutorial index networking section

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    You must be one of those left minded dudes that lives free of emotional distractions. For me the elephant is in the room and I am scratching my head. !
    But with burning distraction that my question may remain a unanswered I will read each of those links. Thank you
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    I haven't got the faintest idea what you mean.

    If you follow the guidance in the tutorials I gave you links to you will get a network that does what you want.

    [you changed your post while I was typing this response to it]

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    Does this imply the answer is no ? I can not do this ?

    I read all three links. I read through all the different ways to How to Share Files and Folders Over a Network in Windows 10 Does this mean I should stop trying to read the drive that is shared from my windows 7 computer ? Does this infer that it is not possible to read a the folder that is mapped to drive z ?
    OR does it mean that if I share a folder in windows 10 it will then be setup to see the folder. Click image for larger version. 

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    the picture shows what happens when I try to access the shared folder. I did set my network to private. But its still wants some type of user pass
    I even tried net use and it still asked me for a password. I did not give it a password when I shared it I have password sharing off.
    Maybe if I try all the steps in sharing a folder for windows 10 then I may be able to see my drive. I have no use for windows 10 right now if I can not read the drive that is mapped from windows 7
    SO thats why I asked the question if anyone knows if its possible if a windows 10 can see a drive shared from windows 7
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    I spent over a year successfully sharing folders across networks of XP, Win7 & Win10 computers.

    Do all the computers have the same workgroup name? This is essential.

    Do all the computers have a common admin user account [same username, same password] on each one of them? It is that username & password you need to enter in the dialog you posted. This has nothing to do with any individual shared folder. It is an overall admin permission to allow access to the other computers. It will only ever appear once if you set the Remember my credentials checkbox.

    Is the Private setting being retained when you look in the Network & sharing centre again when they are reconnected?

    Are you sure your router is not inhibiting anything?
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    Ok so I guess the answer is yes your making me laugh now. so no each computer has a different login name. I changed the admin name to a new name. so The answer to that is no. On each computer I renamed admin to a new name
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    The admin account names and their passwords must match. Not just their names.

    This admin account can be extra [that's what I do]. It doesn't have anything to do with whichever user accounts you choose to use for normal working. It just gets used to give that initial access permission.
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    Yes they all have the name " workgroup" for the workgroup name

    - - - Updated - - -

    I am thinking it would be best to rename all my computers back to admin give them the same password and see if it all work.
    I would probably have to re-share the folder on my 4Ter ssd drive. ? I sure thank you for your help here
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    "rename all my computers back to admin" - No, we are talking about user account names not computer names.

    Create an additional local admin account on each computer [with the same password on each also] rather than rename anything you already have. That's what I do - it also means I have an admin account in readiness in case I need to get in to investigate faults if my day-to-day user accounts are corrupted [which does happen].
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