Can I share a folder on win7 to win 10 is this possible ? Solved

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    I'm now away for several hours.

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    So I ended up changing all the names for the accounts to Admin Maybe I should have added new accounts called admin but on the first one I could not get it to take a password maybe because I did not give it a hint. But anyway one the windows 10computer I try to access the mapped drive and it askes me for Credentials still.
    Better give this a rest
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    What about the passwords for all the accounts you have now called admin?
    - If one of them still cannot 'take a password' then rename it back to what it was before and create new one with your common chosen name & password.
    - The name for an admin account does not have to be admin. It can be anything you want.

    Once you have sorted out the common name & password you will be able to put that in when it asks for credentials.

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    I did my share of hair pulling to get all my computers on my network to see each other and browse shares. Some things I did;

    Enable SMB 1.0 from Windows features on the win10 machines.

    Enable anonymous logins if you have anonymous shares;

    Disable master browser on all machines and use the router as the master browser. The router master browser can be enabled by adding a USB drive share, most routers have a USB port that can do that.
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    Enable SMB 1.0 from Windows features on the win10 machines
    Good point, somebody else has also said SMB must be added if any network computers are pre-Win10. [I think it's in the posts on the end of the tutorial.]

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    Craig: Do you mean to plug a USB external drive into my router and share it from there or do you mean that I need to simply enable my router as master browser. ? My router does not have a USB port.
    The Problem of using the router for master browser is that My 4T SSD internal drive will have its wings clipped. less I go with a 10gbit Ethernet. The Master Browser being the router takes the windows 7 machine out of the equation in a way.
    I do think you mean that I do away with trying to share from my internal hard drive on the windows 7. ?
    My graphics computer has a 980T Nvida for doing 3d renderings and Photoshop - that Graphics card does not do well on win 10 performance dives. The New drivers make it a dog. And do not want ot move to win 10 on that workhorse So the hope is I can share that SSD hard drive while its inside the win 7 computer.

    Also When I looked at the properties for my account name on my win 10 computer it had it named zen\admin even though it showed up as Admin on login. It appears renaming a account will leave it with a name that really is not the one sceen.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Do I need to be logged in to admin account on the other computer in order for windows 10 to see it ? And do I need start the workgroup again on the admin account on win 7 ?- If so On my win 7 machine I will need to ether figure out how to make the name right or figure out how proper;y rename a account. Also when I share the folder on the win 7 machine it will go to a place where Click image for larger version. 

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    you can see in the picture. ... My other computer could not see it untel I shared it with homgroup users I also shared it with admin as well but I am thinking that I need to share the folder right for windows 10 to see the folder.

    Also on the gigabyte comptuer - when I joined the home part of the( home work public workgourp) place It did give me this long number to write down. When I put that into the other win 7 (cuda) computer I had access.

    In the past when I joined a homegroup it gave a number. Was this supposed to happen when I joined a home workgroup ? when joining a work group on win 7 does it normaly give a number ?

    It seams it will make a big difference in how I go about a share a folder on win 7.

    I am great-full for the help here. !

    Off topic a bit:
    I used to setup servers for Boeing I belonged to the Teleprocessing Lan Implementation team. We used Dos commands to setup servers net user commands and such. I set up gateways in the closets. We diagnosed patch cables and fiber line and transceiver problems. I would lake to get a handle on the windows 10 and know what is capable of and what is not. I want to understand all the requirements and know the names of all the things that I need to know in order to get these windows computers to share in peer to peer environments.
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    Read up on the SMB protocol and the master browser. It's something automated with Windows network sharing. A computer becomes the master browser through an election on the network. So if you disable the master browser on all your machines and enable it on the router, the router will always be master browser and network browsing will be reliable.

    All you have to do is set up a USB drive share with your router and it will start up the router's "samba" server and provide the master browser function. Nothing else is required to enable it on your router. If you can connect to the router's share from a Windows machine then everything is working.
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    I will read up on all that. Does the router need to be the type that has a usb port. ? can the router be a master browser without having a usb hard drive plugged into it ?
    Has anyone witnessed a windows 10 seeing a share from a windows 7?
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    Any network share on your router will do, does not have to be a particular type of drive, can be any drive that the router can see on the port and share on the network.

    One other note, it's already been mentioned, but make sure all your machines are in the same workgroup. You can check that by running systempropertiesadvanced from the run menu and selecting the computer name tab. I always use the default name of "workgroup" and I think routers default to that as well.

    I have Windows 7 machines on my network as well as Windows 10. Both can see each other and browse each other's shares. Like I said, I did some hair pulling to get it that way.
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    DonMurray said: View Post
    Has anyone witnessed a windows 10 seeing a share from a windows 7?
    Yes, here is an example, Windows 10 playing the sample 'Wildlife in HD' video from the Users share on a Windows 7 PC.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    FYI: I have SMB1 client enabled on all my W10 PCs, mainly because without it they can't see the USB HDD plugged into and shared by my router.
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