How Best To Work With Two 'Main' Machines?

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    How Best To Work With Two 'Main' Machines?

    We have a home LAN.

    Two of the machines are my 'main' machines. One in the house. One in the shed. It'd be nice if I could work from either one and have access to the same apps, the same data.

    What's the paradigm these days for doing that?
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    Sharing and synching come to mind.

    The Tutorial section is a good place to start.
    Turn On or Off Share Across Devices for Apps in Window 10 | Tutorials
    Enable or Disable Sync Your Settings in Windows 10 | Tutorials
    Create New Offline Files Sync Schedule in Windows | Tutorials

    Then there are cloud services such as onedrive
    Choose Folders for OneDrive Selective Sync in Windows 10 | Tutorials
    Share OneDrive Files and Folders | Tutorials

    And certain programs use 'the cloud' to allow you to work seamlessly across devices.

    Windows 10 Tutorial Index | Tutorials
    for more
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    If you're using Win 10 Pro then you could use the Remote Desktop Connection app to connect from one machine to the other. This would save you having to duplicate apps on both machines and set up shared data.

    Alternatively (and especially if you are using Win 10 Home which doesn't include RDC) you can use something like TeamViewer to remote into one machine from the other.

    If you do use TeamViewer, I suggest you amend the Options > General settings to either accept or accept exclusively incoming LAN connections.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This prevents any need for TeamViewer to have to go off via the internet for initial handshaking/authentication.

    Hope this helps...
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    In addition to what has been said here, this would simplify the file access, though I've not done it on 10. Some of the other ways of doing this will require you sign into Windows 10, but only for those MS Apps.
    Set Up File Sharing on a Windows 10 PC
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  5. Posts : 1,338
    Windows 10 Home x64 and Pro x86

    I am in a similar position.

    1 I install the applications on every computer.
    2 I share the folders for my own files so I can access them on all the computers.

    - I also go a stage further and use the built-in tool RoboCopy to create a copy of all the shared folders & files from the main machine to the other one[s] across the LAN [i.e. avoiding cloud services].
    -- I run this daily or as daily as I feel like.
    -- I can choose whether to work on the source files or the local copies. This introduces a 'syncing' requirement so any altered local copies are not overwritten by accident.
    -- This is also a convenient backup mechanism and it allows me to treat proper file backups to my external HDDs as a weekly task rather than a daily one.
    -- This allows me to use the machine in the shed when the main computer is off.
    - I also create shortcuts to every computer user's Desktop using their network addresses [such as \\MainComputer\SharedDesktopFolderName] and I put the shortcuts in the SendTo folder
    This allows me to send back copies of files altered on the secondary computer to the main computer's Desktop from where it can be filed away properly.
    - I simplify things by having the same user names on each computer and I set the same share names on my shared folders. This allows me to add in additional copying tools in which only the %ComputerName% changes.

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    I thank you all for that input. Very valuable. I'll work through it all, find what fits me best.

    Can I add this as background? It might help a bit to focus the discussion. And it might not.

    Well years ago I was system admin on a minicomputer. A DEC VAX. And our computing paradigm was simple: everything was on the server and everyone, all the people, merely had terminals.

    A beautiful simple system.

    Then PC's came along and networking and I became Lan admin for this that and the other, one after the other - IBM Token Ring, Ethernet, Novel.....

    And the paradigm changed and we got applications on an application server and app 'server' versions that we installed and so on. And local 'client' stuff that had to be installed on each p.c. And so on.

    And now we're at fully distributed computing it seems, I think? And everyone on the LAN has their own total suite of programmes both individual and 'company'.

    And I've lost the plot. I really don't understand how the Lan administrator is supposed to run his Lan any more.

    So though I think the clues and directions you all have provided will more than set me right and get me to where I can do what I want to do I just wonder should I really be looking into Lan admin for the 'official' methods, paradigms?

    And if I should, where to look? Because I've looked ( a little, not a lot ) and I don't find. Haven't found.

    Put it this way: if someone gave me a job tomorrow as Lan admin of the twenty computers in their organisation I wouldn't know with any confidence what to do, where to start.

    Where once I confidently ran a hospital full of 'em. But that was way back at win3.1 would you believe.
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    abrogard said: View Post
    We have a home LAN.

    Two of the machines are my 'main' machines. One in the house. One in the shed. It'd be nice if I could work from either one and have access to the same apps, the same data.

    What's the paradigm these days for doing that?
    I have a desktop for "desk" use and a laptop for out of house use. I use File Sync Backup Software | GoodSync to keep my data files in sync. Also, I keep ALL my data files except music, photos, and book on Drive D: and the music, etc., on Drive E:. That way, WHEN Windows goes south, I don't lose any data or media files.

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    Yes, I try to keep all data on D:. But so many times downloads just go to the default windows 'downloads' dir. Is there a way to relocate that?

    My efforts with file syncing so far have been aborted by transmission errors and the app just stops - or the transfer goes on and on and on and I stop it - or even computer crashes.

    And that latter: computer crashes - has stopped me even getting a machine back up to where I was at two years ago, would you believe? It's true.

    This one here is on an Asus H170 and it's beginning to crap itself too, again, now, before I've got it built up agains since the system drive crash it last had. It runs incredibly slowly on startup. Where Task manager reports no 100% usage on anything, there's mem space, there's cpu cycles available, there's disk space... but it crawls.

    Try to use the search bar and sometimes can't type in it. Sometimes get a 'ghost' of the app list that comes up when you click the windows icon - i mean it's like a see-through image of it.

    That kind of weird thing.

    Not the subject of this thread. sorry. Just me babbling on.

    Thanks for the suggestions. :)
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    But so many times downloads just go to the default windows 'downloads' dir. Is there a way to relocate that?
    Depending on your browser, you may have an option to specify the download folder, else you may be able to find a plugin to add a 'Save as' option.
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    hmmm. quite right. shows how off-balance I am. I was thinking of it as a windows thing but of course it's a browser thing.

    I use firefox mainly and I just did a quick google and it's no problem to change it. thanks for waking me up. :)
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