Windows 10 Pro V1809 can only see one of my shared computers

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  1.    12 Jan 2019 #1

    Windows 10 Pro V1809 can only see one of my shared computers

    Trouble again with Windows 10 Pro network (Version 1809)

    I have two Windows 10 Pro (Version 1809) computers in a threaded network.

    One is called Audio and the other is called Video.

    Right now I can see the Video Computer on the Audio Computer in the Explorer but sometimes it's the opposite ????

    I can access the computers via Quick Access in the explorer on both computers.

    I have the same settings on both computers.

    SMB 1.0 is enabled in Windows Features

    Function Discovery Provider Host - Automatically
    Function Discovery Resource Publication - Automatically
    DNS Client - Automatically
    SSDP Discovery - Automatically
    UPnP Device Host - Automatically
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  2.    12 Jan 2019 #2

    Your problem is not unique and you are not alone either. The issue is simple, SMB protocol has deprecated discovery broadcast of network devices. The behavior you describe is that of having SMB 1.0 enabled on machines that are both using SMB 3.1.1 to communicate with each other.

    My advice, when you find that one or both of the computers do not show up in Explorer where you expect to see them go to the address bar and enter the hostname or IP address of the device and hit Enter. The device should show up momentarily.

    If you want a more permanent fix then use Explorer to add a Network location pointing to the other computer. If you only need to access a shared folder map a drive letter to the folder on each PC, (this is what MS expects you to do).
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  3.    12 Jan 2019 #3

    Thanks but the Quick Access feature seems far simpler to use !

    I tried your suggestions but couldn't get it to work at all.

    I really like Windows 10 Pro but I have to exclude Microsofts network because it totally stinks.
    Seems like it is just a graphic issue because I can access the shared resources via the Quick Access feature.

    It use to work fine in Windows 7.
    Why change something that work ??

    Thanks anyway !
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  4.    12 Jan 2019 #4

    What did not work? Address bar, type - \\hostname or ip address\

    Add a network location - Add a Network Location in Windows 10 | Tutorials
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  5.    12 Jan 2019 #5

    Railtech -Sorry !

    I made another try and got it to work !
    Seems to be working ( For now though :) )

    Since it is part of the network one wonders why it still doesn't show up :)

    Thanks !
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  6.    12 Jan 2019 #6

    It just the fact that device discovery is not a part of SMB 2 or 3 protocol. So that means that discovery does not work as it used to meaning you have to force Explorer to show the device.
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  7.    12 Jan 2019 #7

    I see that as a flaw or bug !
    It used to work great !
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  8.    12 Jan 2019 #8

    MS calls it Security, go figure!
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  9.    12 Jan 2019 #9

    Thats OK

    But to me it is basically just a graphical issue since the funktion is exactly the same

    I am sure that MS are able to display it the way it used to be which is also correct in a pedagogic way IMHO

    What takes place under the hood is working but the graphic representation does not

    Would have saved users thousands of hours globaly :)

    How hard can it be ?
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  10.    4 Weeks Ago #10

    TMI out here on this major issue that just won't get fixed by MS. Since MS eliminated Homegroup out of their OS early last year which consequently created a major mess with "network shares", I've gone through all kinds of setting changes, fixes, and etc., and so on, only to be "still" frustrated with stability in internal home network shares!!!!!

    At one point I thought I was all good: I got my network share (i.e., the computer next to me on my own internal network) to show up. Was able to move files (back and forth) and great! However, mysteriously, when I open Windows File manager, I noticed the share in Network to the other computer is gone! Why? Haven't got a clue. The fix (for now) -- reboot BOTH computers and voila, there they are! Total BS of course. Why are these disappearing on almost identical Win 10 Pro PCs?

    I've followed tech note after tech note with hopes of resolving the "losing network share out of nowhere".
    1. I've turned on Windows Features - > SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support as one reocmmendation.
    2. From another tech note: I've changed several "services" to Automatic : Funtion Discovery Provider Host / Function Discovery Resource Publication / SSDP Discovery / TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper / UPnP Device Host / Peer Name Resolution Protocol / Peer Networking Group / Peer Networking Identity Manager
    3. And yet another: GPEdit: Computer Config - Admin Templates - Network - Lanman Workstation -- enabled!
    4. Network Sharing (Control Panel) -- all settings are "Turned ON" for network discovery, etc.

    Have no clue what to do at this point.


    Will Mangold
    Will's Computer Support, LLC
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