How to share folders with a specific user on another computer

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    Mervil said: View Post
    Alrighty. My issue still hasn't been resolved; I've just been in the process of formatting and reinstalling windows 10 on my Desktop and my Laptop.
    Thing seem to be behaving appropriately with all my files and folders, however, I STILL can't share my folder with a specific user. I can share it just fine with Everyone.
    I've been using Advanced Sharing, and I have added the Security permissions as well. I have no passwords on either of my accounts (is this an issue)? I have "Password Protected Sharing" turned off as well. Is this contributing?
    Mervil what version of Win10 are you installing? I did a clean install (no upgrade) of the Win10 ISO download to USB stick a couple of months ago. The Laptop came with Win10 but never ran well till I did the clean install. Now it runs great for 2 months. But now I'm ready to move all my email and data files to it and I could not get even what you have for "everone".

    For the Past decade I've never had any problem networking a windows machine since XP. But something in this new Win10 update has changed networking. I realize that Homegroup is gone but I can't get Windows 10 to see any network at all other than the printer and media player. I've checked and double checked and I have all the normal services running and did all the facets of network advanced sharing EVERYTHING to EVERYONE with full permissions and also matching workgroup names with matching user accts on both nodes. I had ALL network discovery on and [File & Print sharing for MS Networks] checked on the ethernet adapter, along with setting Netbios over TCP/IP in IPv4's properties.

    I've tried it thru the router with dhcp addressing and I've tried it just hooking 2 Laptops together with static IPs of 192.168.1.X on one and 192.168.1.Y the other. With masks of nothing shows, not even any \\UncShareName\ShareItems connect or even ask for a password.
    I also tried with the Win10 node Checking the [turn OFF password protected sharing]
    that didn't work either.

    I can ping each, and see them in net view and see the both with ipconfig /all but not in windows file manager.

    Currently I've purchased a USB (2.0) link cable with software that does transfers at 62Mbps or 8MBps. Not blazing but at least I can copy my data folders off my old Laptop to the new.
    I'm also looking into LanShare and NitroShare when I have time which are Open Source Ethernet Pc to Pc transfer (not a cloud or remote transfer).
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    I've since copied all the files I needed to my new Laptop with a USB link cable setup. Took about 1.5 hrs. So Win10 networking is less of an issue for me and more of a curiosity now. I did find a couple of web sites last night that I've never found on previous searches. I'm posting them up (links at bottom) hoping they might help someone else with these same issues. The info in them allowed me to see my node Icons in a file manager->Network. Could see them but could not access them, nor get a connection password box etc. Only improvements I got for all this really was being able to see the Node Icons in file manager. Also could see each node's shares by clicking on their own Network Icon (not the opposite). But could not access the shares, only just see their folder icons. Anyhow here's what I did per the web site's advise.

    First of course are items I've been doing all along.
    Turned network discover ON and turned ON All sharing on both nodes.
    Set both node's Ethernet adapter's MS File and Print share to ON with the IPv4 Properties WINs tab set to Netbios and checked LMHost.
    Then checked in services for ones I found at web site (shown below, plus a few others)
    (All of these were SET by default to start on MANUAL, but a few were not running)

    Computer Browser (Browser) was running on win10 node, had to start on win7 side, Immediately afterwards could see win10 node on both nodes in file manager (but could not access it) Still could not see win7 node.

    DNS Client was already running on both nodes

    Function Discovery Provider Host (FDPHost) had to start on win10 node

    Function Discovery Resource Publication (FDResPub) had to start on win7 node, immediately after could see both nodes in file manager, still could not access them.

    Network Connections (NetMan) was already running on both nodes

    Network List Service, Network Location Awareness (these 2 were running also but not mentioned on the web site list)

    Peer Name Resolution Protocol (PNRPSvc) not running, would start on win7 node but would not start on win10 node, gave error (probably due to no more homegroup issue)

    Peer Networking Grouping (P2PSvc) not running, would start on win7 node but would not start on win10 node, gave error (probably due to no more homegroup issue)

    Peer Networking Identity Manager (P2PIMSvc) was already running on both nodes

    SSDP Discovery was already running on both nodes

    UPnP Device Host (UPnPHost) was already running on both nodes (although don't think this would be something I'd want running all the time with today's smart household items)

    (that's all with services)

    (now in Programs->Windows Features)
    SMB1 was running in win10, there was no such item on win7 however the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) was not checked so I checked it.
    ---Other items I've been doing all along
    Disabled Firewall on both nodes for 1 hour ( I had WAN cable disconnected for safety)
    But as said above, never could actually access the nodes or their shares (yes I did have matching homegroup names with matching user accts on both nodes with matching pswds) but anyhow I had ALL private and public sharing set to ON.

    Here is the web page link and video link if anyone would like to view them. Good luck
    This page has good info
    Fix PCs no longer recognized in network after Windows 10 version 1803 upgrade - gHacks Tech News

    And here is a video with good info
    How to Fix Network Discovery Issues in Windows 10 April 2018 Update - YouTube
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    RBT said: View Post
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . > Sorry didn't catch this typo lapse until it was too late to edit it out. I meant to type WorkGroup where you saw HomeGroup towards the end of post. . . . . . . .

    As in ------>(yes I did have matching homegroup [<------wrong, meant WorkGroup] names with matching user accts on both nodes with matching pswds)
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