Try this:
At Control Panel/Devices and Printers, right click and remove any unsuccessful instances of your printer. Reboot.
Go to "add printer." Continue to blank field and "... isn't listed" link. Click this link.
Click "Select a shared printer by name."
Enter \\ to designate network, and see if your Windows 7 computer name does not appear. If so, click it.
Then enter \ and HP (printer name) and see if your printer name does not appear. If so, click it and continue with setup.

This worked for me. The computer was able to find the paths and drivers, set up the printer, and take me to a test page button, which produced a good test page.

Interestingly, the computer was unable to find the HP 1200 driver until I began the setup this way. When I tried to use the original setup disk, W10 said the disk did not contain any drivers that would work for this 64-bit OS.

Now the 2 printers appear at
Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Printers\Connections\,,{Windows 7 Computer Name on Network},{printer name}

I backed up the registry.