abenavraham said:
You sir are 100% wrong about the JumpCloud agent configuring Samba and here is a reply I got from JumpCloud support confirming that, and DIRECTLY contradicting you. So you can take your uppity attitude and stick it. I've seen other post from you that are in fact dead WRONG as well, so why don't you take your INCORRECT advice and attitude somewhere else. You have NO idea what you are talking about!
I'm done with you and this forum where the only advice given, ESPECIALLY by you, is BAD advice!

Subject: JumpCloud LDAP and Samba Password Updates

NOV 13, 2018 | 03:51PM MST
Andrew Hendrickson replied:
Hi Aaron,
Thanks for contacting JumpCloud Support. The JumpCloud agent will manage the Linux users on that machine, but not the Samba users. You will need to configure LDAP in this situation. Below is some information on integrating Samba with JumpCloud LDAP:
Please take a look at this information and let me know if this helps.
Andrew Hendrickson
Customer Success Engineer
One, I never stated that the agent configures SaMBa as I have stated over and over. Second, you need to seek help on Linux forums and follow the directions from Jumpcloud in configuring a NAS. Jumpcloud is a Directory as a service that uses a agent to control the login of Mac, Windows, Linux workstations, with Linux needing a bit more to get the agent to install from the CLI.