ok here is my situation. I reformatted clean install on my desktop. Had some hiccups but everything ok. I use in the living room this streaming box from element company,love this box. Anyway after i share with everyone this folder for movies, everything was working great with this streaming box, i saw two movies today. Now all of a sudden, i get "connection time out" and "could not connect to network server". So now im hitting my head against the wall and backtrack what i have done. Two scenarios come up, first one was i opened my laptop with widows 10 (only did an upgrade on that) and went to network and saw the folder, i then tried to open and it asked for credentials, i added my desktop credentials and bingo folder came up and was able to see my movies in them. 2nd scenario, my son laptop with win 8.1 did an update with 70 updates perhaps that threw my network off. Very frustrating since everything was working fine before. And last before i upgraded and clean install windows 10, i had issues before with the network not seeing my folders that were external on a hard drive enclosure, internal drives on my desktop no problem. Can someone please help. Thanks