Network connection and Business Server TO Client, IP address issues

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    Network connection and Business Server TO Client, IP address issues

    My windows 10 PC is my Business apps Server whose client is an iMac running the Network version of the Business apps, under Virtual Windows 7Pro. ( Don’t get nervous, been doing WLAN’ed & LAN’ed PCs TO Macs running VIRTUAL WINDOWS since Win95. Consider the Mac, as a PC).
    The PC server was originally configured with a static IP address, (the google server config, which I forgot), to allow the client to connect effortlessly, either wirelessly or WIRED, which was implemented later.
    I later changed to a dynamic ip, chosen by DCHP (Netgear router, Spectrum internet service). It worked flawlessly, either way. When in DCHP mode, I just had to get the servers new, daily IP address, & enter that when I’d boot the business app in the client iMac.

    I moved my office to a new location that does not yet have a communication cable installation (for Spectrum cable modem type internet services) that runs to my office. I will have to have this cable installed myself, so I can have Spectrum transfer my 200/100 service to this new location. That will take a few weeks to do.
    In the meantime:
    It does have a vintage Verizon system installed, (1/7 speed) that is in use by an associate for his phones , internet , & networked computers. Both my PC AND IMAC are temporarily wifi’ed into his Verizon network. His IT person, Networked both computers, my canon do all printer, and 2 credit card machines, by cat-6 into a small wired router box, that continues to his network router. Both computers now have internet &email access, (including the Mac & Win7 sides of the iMac). I think that this access is via WiFi only, because the credit card machines won’t work, the printer can’t connect, whether by WLAN OR LAN, to his network.
    But when I C-prompt the PC for an IP ADDRESS, it does give me an IPV4 (192.168.1 x), but no IPV6 address, (Instead, it gives me a hexadecimal string for that). When I key in that IPV4 address when the client business app is opened, “IT CANT FIND THE SERVER..”
    My credit card machines, and printer, do not work either. On the origin Spectrum network, They were all cat-5’d into my Netgear 3700 router, along with a 2 line Vonage VIOP SYSTEM, and all worked flawlessly for years!
    1. Will assigning a static IP ADDRESS IN WINDOWS 10, in the server computer, allow the business apps in the client iMac to connect, under the current networking conditions?
    -How do I do this?
    -Where will I find this IP ADDRESS, when I do my daily “C-prompt: ifconfig inquiry,” on the server?
    2. Or, Should I plug both computers, the printer, and credit card machines, into my “trusty, old” Netgear 3700 Router, and THEN plug THAT into his main Verizon router?
    -Will that make the printer visible on his WiFi network, so both computers, and the business apps can connect that way, and print to it?
    -Will the credit card machines then function as they did?
    -Does their proprietary support have to be called, to configure their machines to work on a Verizon network as presently set up?
    3. Will the router then assign an IP ADDRESS, (a dynamic I presume?) that I can use to connect the business client to the server?
    4. Will configuring a static IP AT THIS TIME, THEN WORK? Any ideas would be appreciated! THANKS!
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    Hi slipknot.

    My gut reaction would be to use a cable between the "New Office" router and your old 3700 router. Then connect things as they were to 3700 router.

    The lan cable would go from the New Office router to the WAN port on 3700.

    To avoid duplicate addresses I would see what IP range your new location is using on its present lan.

    Before making connections I would log into 3700 router and assign it an address within the New Office range. Use one outside the DCHP range of New Office router.

    Assuming the new office router uses the range 192.168.1.x and starts handing out address at I would then assign 3700 router the address Remember this address so you can log into it.

    While in router I would set it to use a unique range, like 192.168.5.x. This assumes all the devices in your environment, server, pc, credit card devices and printers are all on DHCP, that is they all look to 3700 router to get IP addresses.

    This should isolate the two lans although you being down stream can access up stream devices.

    As to you morning server ritual, I would look into how to reserve an IP address on 3700. Usually you log in router, see what is connected and mark the devices you want reserved. This is done on a hardware MAC address. The router holds the IP for this hardware MAC address and as soon as it signs in it gives it back the same number. (This is sort of like a Static IP but the device is not actual set to a physical address. The router just holds (reserves) an address for a specific hardware MAC.)

    As to whether it will all work, no guarantees. Don't know how credit card machines call home or how MAC PC knows what range to interrogate. What this does is it says I'm getting internet service from somewhere and I'm running a network lan. Basically what you had before you moved.

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    Thanks so much.
    The PMS SUPPORT originally set a static IP address in the Windows control panel (while the router was Not touched). THE CLIENT was configured once and it always connected just fine. They used the google configuration for values, that I’ve seen used on other tutorials elsewhere. I don’t remember where to find this, but probably can configure thus.
    When I changed it to DCHP & had to get a new IP EVERYDAY from the server, the last digit of the IP range increased BY 1- it started at around, and climbed to, by the time I moved.

    -Wouldn’t it be easier for me to just set a static IP IM WINDOWS AGAIN? Could you direct me to that tutorial if possible?

    I believed you helped me a few months ago, when one of the 3 AV apps that Dells included, with the new PC, caused my Practice Mgmt app to stop creating and writing to temp folders, and then not save any data. You did a most incredible job helping me then. Thanks so much.
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    It would be far easier to reserve an IP address for your server.

    Here is manual link. Page 5-2 shows reserve an address right at bottom of page and the process starts on page 5-4

    If you want to set static IP then this doc walks you through process on Windows end.
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    Thanks soooo much! Where is the 👍 icon?
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    Should be lower left under the words my computer.
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    My router solution worked fine for the charge card machines that were directly plugged into it.
    I connected both computers by WiFi, my Network name came up, the password was accepted no problem. Net access and email worked. canon printer found the router (access point), and connected with SAME PW. It did not work. It’s wired connection didn’t work either.

    Tried to cat5 my 2 line Vonage router into the Netgear, then into his router directly, where my 1 phone line was previously plugged into. Phones didn’t work. Audio messages over the phone, Kept asking me to configure the Verizon network, alternating with Vonage message telling me it’s not set up right. Phone lines lights wouldn’t illuminate, though power and router connection lights did.

    When I went online with Chrome,,it told me that my network was unsecure, despite the fact both the PC and IMac said it was, as originally configured.

    Could not get an IPV6 (hexisecim again. ), and ipv4, was same as before and From THE dell PC BUSINESS SERVER, and unusable TO ALLOW THE IMAC business APPS TO CONNECT to the pc
    Any Suggs? Or must I spend the $$$$ to have a union electrician run a time Warner cable across the entire buildings 1/4 block length, to get a line to my suite? the TW SERVICE CAN BE THEN INSTALLED?
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    Windows 11 Pro x64 Version 23H2

    Well things that require Verizon definitely won't work, like phones.

    Not sure what printer issue is. Likely it has new address. Try adding network printer on your PC.

    With Chrome go to a secure site and see if you get that message. A place like a bank is usually https:

    Don't understand last paragraph exactly. If lead router doesn't support IPv6 or the network they connect to does not support then there will be an issue.

    Not sure how iMac connects to Dell server. Is anything connecting to Dell server?
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