I just upgraded to Windows 10 (loving it so far!), but I am wanting to make some changes to my desktop at this time:

1) I want to remove my login password when the computer boots; I am hoping there is a "free" way to do this - I found some paid software versions that would do it but I am not interested in paying for that. Hopefully there is an easy way in Windows 10 that I am not aware of;

2) the same desktop has a USB Netgear wifi adapter, and every time we boot we have to re-enter the network password and reconnect to it. I don't have to do this on any of the laptops we have with built in wifi. I simply want Windows to be able to store the password and reconnect at startup like if does on our other machines. I did read where I need to get into msconfig and make sure the Netgear program is not enabled at startup; so I turned it off, rebooted, re-entered all of the info to reconnect, rebooted again, but it was not retained by Windows.

Hoping someone can help me out with one or both of these annoyances. Thanks greatly!