If anyone is finding that since the big end of April update, their PC no longer auto connects to their home router via Wi-Fi, I came across this simple "fix" at another help website.

Simply go to Power Options, click on "Choose what the power buttons do", and uncheck/disable the box entitled, "Turn On Fast Startup".

I don't know why it works (any guesses??), but this fixed the problem on my HP PC and my wife's HP Laptop. After the April update, neither device would auto-login to our home Wi-Fi, from a cold startup. Had to manually connect each time. Didn't have this problem with restarts, or waking from sleep. Just with a cold startup.

Anyway, I just wanted to post this in the forum, in case someone else is experiencing it. Didn't see any reference to this solution when searching the Windows 10 forum, while trying to resolve the issue.

BTW.. Our Win-10 computers now start-up and shut-down FASTER with "Fast Startup" disabled. Totally weird.

-Allen in Chicago