File Shares will not stay active - Windows 10 (since recent HG update) Solved

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    Windows 10 Pro/Education x64
       15 Aug 2018 #41

    NewYears1978 said: View Post
    Nothing changed lol it's so strange!!!

    I saw another post mentioned "Windows Credentials" I wonder if that would solve it. I had to leave for work so did not have time to test it.
    I'll have to look into this, I've never had to deal with windows Credentials for networking purposes.

    I have a router and also we have a Mesh system Orbi..but I dunno why it works then stops. It still seems like it "goes to sleep" because if I then browse my shared folders on the server computer, wait a couple mins - then they become active again which makes no sense.
    Have a look at this link by Microsoft, it may help.
    Answers in bold inside of quote box.
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  2.    15 Aug 2018 #42

    I will check it out. So frustrated. I tried the credentials but that did nothing.
    I used my shares just now, left for an hour came back and they were already "deactivated"

    And yes I think the Credentials wasn't for networking was for something else.

    I tried the things in that post before..which is weird that it would even matter since I never had issues in any Windows before 10

    I've tried those settings again, will see if it helps.
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  3.    16 Aug 2018 #43

    My frustration level is at an all time high now. Nothing keeps happening no matter what. I just want normal shares that stay active!

    I was going to go back to Win7 but I can't even do that because I have 8th gen mobo/processors and they won't work well with Win7.. I am so frustrated right now
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  4. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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       16 Aug 2018 #44

    Is it possible your HDD are spinning down. On my new build (8th Gen) I'm distinctly noticing that the drives are spinning down. When I want something there is wait.
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  5.    17 Aug 2018 #45

    I've decided to go DRASTIC and I installed complete clean Win10 on both of these PCs then fully updated. NOW..I can't even see the shares.

    if I go to the address \\SERVER, it pops up, I can access it, but as soon as I reboot the shares are not there anymore. Oddly...I can see my HTPC from the living room's never left the network.

    Ugh Windows 10 is awful! I can't figure out what is going on. I have network discovery on, passwords off..why doesn't it show up when I reboot fresh... ugh

    Furthermore I decided to try to set some mapped drives but of course on reboot they are not takes 5-10 mins before the shares because active again...this makes no sense.

    So even FURTHER I found an article saying to turn on SAMBA and it should solve the problem, so I turned that on and it DID solve the problem where my computer would not show..but I still cannot access the computer when I first boot up.

    Not once did I ever have this issue with homegroups..
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  6.    17 Aug 2018 #46

    if I go to the address \\SERVER, it pops up, I can access it, but as soon as I reboot the shares are not there anymore. Oddly...I can see my HTPC from the living room's never left the network.
    Did you remember to check these two windows services ...
    Function Discovery Provider Host | Running and Startup Type set Automatic Delay
    Function Discovery Resource Publication | Running and Startup Type set Automatic Delay

    1. Remember that SMBv1 is not installed on clean install of Win10.
    2. It's not required for network sharing, unless you have legacy devices on your network that require it.
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  7.    17 Aug 2018 #47

    Furthermore I decided to try to set some mapped drives but of course on reboot they are not takes 5-10 mins before the shares because active again...this makes no sense.
    If you have static IP's, then map the network drives using the IP instead of PCNAME.

    I can see my HTPC from the living room's never left the network.
    What OS is your HTPC running ?
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  8.    17 Aug 2018 #48

    the HTPC is Win7..but I never use that PC I am only using my main and server.

    Yes IP address works but I want the computer to show up in the network properly like it should and be able to access it. In fact after I reboot I can go to and access the files..meanwhile the share name is still not working. I just don't makes no sense at all...

    And yes I turned on the Function Discovery services..made no diff. It's super bizarre. I can access it via IP every time with no issue..

    I am going to map drives via IP but I REALLY would like to know why it's behaving this way.
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  9.    17 Aug 2018 #49

    the HTPC is Win7..but I never use that PC I am only using my main and server.
    OK ...
    1. Does the HTPC run 24/7 ?
    2. Did you leave SMBv1 client/server installed on the two Win10 PC's ?
    3. If so, did you set Computer Browser Service startup type to Automatic ?

    Kind of a long shot, but I'm wondering if they (HTPC and Win10 PC's) are fighting over who is the Master Browser and if that might be the reason for the delay in things showing up.

    IF ... 1,2,3 above are true, then you can set the Win10 PC's to not even try and become the Master Browser and the HTPC will be the Master Browser, which it probably is already.

    Open Regedit and navigate to the following key and set MaintainServerList to No

    Note: MaintainServerList valid values are Yes|No|Auto ... with Auto being the default.

    Reboot Win10 PC's after making the regedit change.
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       17 Aug 2018 #50

    The way i was taught to set-up microsoft small networks, the home and SME networks that used Peer networking rather than the client server networks was to ...

    • Switch on all network related sharing options - Discovery and network and printer sharing
    • for each user on any system in the network where they need to use and store information on more than one system, create a user on the other system(s) this must have an identical name and password
    • As the items it the public folders are automatically shared with everyone - use these folders for things you wish to share freely

    The only system that should have "everyone" as the share permission is a general share device (NAS and similar).

    These devices can also have private shares for each user, or even shares for groups of users, such as a parental area where financial records are kept separate from the general content (as long as someone knows a username and password they can access the data), but this of course is then reaching a level where a proper Client - S setup may be a better idea

    On the average home system with a few computers and Users this system gives both access and an amount of privacy, the downside is you may have to use Windows in a network in the way it was designed to be used, log in as a certain User on any system and you then have access to all of that users data on the network plus the general free shared data.

    A few things to remember, systems are only available to a network when they are switched on and the process of joining the network is not instant - it takes time, the whole concept of a Peer to Peer network assumes that all devices are available at all times - this may be lessened by keeping at least one device switched on at all times - normally the NAS, would thus become the most likely Master Browser and more quickly recognise other systems as they are switched on.

    Devices are these days designed to be power efficient out of the box, (all HDDs are defaulted by windows to spin down after 20 Minutes ), as is windows itself - I have several Fixed devices in my network that are always on in a reduced power state, so keeps the network active,

    I use DHCP on the network but it is set to allocate IP addresses based on MAC addresses, so they are always tied to a device. If for some reason a device is not shown on the network that I know is switched on it takes a second on so to access via netbios name or IP address.

    The services required to run Delayed start have this restriction for a reason, they have dependencies on other services which must be running to allow the network services to start
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