Trying to use the Nearby Sharing feature between the following computers:

- Vaio VPCCW series (2010) laptop rocking Windows 10 (latest build), runs fine.
- Dell XPS13 (2017) laptop rocking Windows 10 (latest build), of course fine.

Oddly, although Microsoft states that BT 4.0 LE is prerequisite for using Nearby Sharing, I have been able to (at least) get the respective computer names to pop up in the notification field (Action Center?) on both computers, although it soon disconnects, and no file sharing is possible. I have been through several times to ensure that both computers are set up/paired, and are discoverable by all devices nearby.

I am putting the wavering connection problem down to the Vaio's old-hat BT 2.0.

I'm wondering if by using a BT 4.0 LE dongle in the VAIO, I can enable Nearby Sharing?

While I am aware that NS is not the be-all-and-end-all method, I do like that you can simply right-click on a file and 'Share' it instantaneously, it just appeals to my mentality of doing things (likewise, for sharing webpages). So, I would love to facilitate this on both these (home) computers.

Odd that I am getting a connection (albeit intermittent and non-functional), but after faffing with it for an hour, I don't see it hapnin' capt.

Does anyone have an opinion on the use of a BT 4.0 LE dongle to enable this?