Windows 10: Homegroup in Win 10 after 1803 update Solved

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    Homegroup in Win 10 after 1803 update

    I have two computers in my WLAN (local home network via wireless). On one of the computers there's been Windows 7 (Home) installed. On the second - Windows 10 (home). I use router to connect the computer via Wi-Fi. I do not use any computer that acts as a server.
    I used to use Homegroup to share files (without access to the Internet) between my computers. After the last Windows 10 update (1803) there is no Homegroup in Windows 10 anymore, so I'm not able to use my Homegroup.

    How can I copy and use files from the other computer? I do not want to use the Internet, so the cloud is not a good solution for me. I do not want to use USB turned on to my router to share any files.
    I have many files (on my computers) that change frequently, so I'm interested in a quick and stable, direct (via router; without the Internet) connection - just like Homegroup offers. I'm not intrested in installing any program or buying/using a Internet connection via VPN, P2P, torrent etc. I do not want to use any computer as a server either.

    I'm quite advanced computer user. I can turn on Windows features like IIS, FTP and so on and then configurate them. I thought about IIS + SFTP + certificate (for SSL or TLSv1.2), but I am not sure that it's the only solution. Probably there's a much easier way to connect my computers.
    Due to the fact, that the Windows (I use) are Windows Home, I'm not able to use everything the Windows Pro offers.

    I used Homegroup to sharing files and now I'm powerless because of the Windows 10 update.
    Everything I want is just to create a WLAN (for some Windows 7 Home and Windows 10 Home) using router. Simultaneously I want to have access to the Internet on each of the computers (but the montion between the computers should not use the Internet). Each of this computer has only one Wi-Fi Card. Only one has bluetooth.
    I live in the countryside (in Eastern Europe) and I have a very slow internet connection. Only a direct connection of computers (via the router) satisfies me. In addition, I'd like to have a safe connection (not via FTP or HTTP).
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    Have a look at the following and see if you can use the share function.

    Share Files using an App in Windows 10
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    MrMistrzuch said: View Post
    I used to use Homegroup to share files (without access to the Internet) between my computers.,,

    ...Everything I want is just to create a WLAN (for some Windows 7 Home and Windows 10 Home) using router... Only a direct connection of computers (via the router) satisfies me....
    WORKGROUP sharing has been available since Windows 3.11 and is still included in 1803. It has always been more reliable than Homegroup, one of the reasons Homegroup as been pensioned off.

    I have never used Homegroup, preferring Workgroup sharing on my mixed network of PCs running '95/XP/Win7/Win10. These tutorials may help you learn about Workgroups.

    Change Workgroup in Windows 10

    Turn On or Off Public Folder Sharing in Windows 10

    Turn On or Off Password Protected Sharing in Windows 10

    I do not want to use any computer as a server either.
    In a Workgroup, any PC that makes a share available on the network acts as a server. It is a peer-to-peer network, no separate central server is required. In that respect it is similar to Homegroup.
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    philc43 and Bree, thank you for your answer. They were very useful. I resolved my problem thanks to you.

    This is what I did:
    I have Computer1 with admin account Admin1. The IP (local) address is I have Computer2 with admin account Admin2. The IP (local) address is
    On Computer1 I pressed Win+R and type 'control userpasswords2'. Then I added an account called (by me) _network1. The _network1 belongs to 'Distributed COM Users' group (not: 'administrator' nor 'standard user'). After that, on Computer1, I went to the folder I'd wanted to share. Let's say it was %Users%\Admin1\Desktop. Right click on the 'Desktop' folder => Properties => 'Sharing' => 'Advanced sharing...' => checked 'Share this folder'. I called the source 'Desktop1'. Then 'Permissions' => added 'Autheritcated Users' group, giving it 'Full Control' (I wanted to share read and write permissions). Then OK twice and went to the 'Security' tab => 'Advanced'. In tab 'Permissions' set that 'Authenticated Users' has to have 'Full Control' (with 'None' 'Inherited from' and 'Applies to' 'This folder, subfolders and files'. Tab 'Share' and 'Authenticated Users' has to have 'Full Control' - if I didn't do this step, I wouldn't have write premission on Computer2.
    On Computer2 I pressed Win+R and type 'cmd' to open the Command Line. Then 'ping' to check the connection Computer2 to Computer1. All was OK. Then again Win+R. Now I typed the IP (local) address of my Computer1: '\\'. Then Enter. After that, on Computer2 in Windows Explorer went to 'This PC' and then 'Map network drive'. I added '\\\Desktop1' and selected 'Connect using different credentials'. Now I used the \\Computer1\_network1 account with its password and checked to remember the credential in the future. It worked for me.
    The credential is storaged in (for example: Control Panel => [View by: Large icons] =>) Credential Manager => Windows Credentials.

    Then I did the same steps on my Computer2 for Computer1 accounts, paths, permissions and IP address.

    Some problems I had while configurating:
    - remember to off your firewalls (on both computer; from antywirus you had installed and the Windows Defender firewall) then you try to set the connect. If it works, then try to up your firewall again;
    - sometimes '\\Computer1' didn't work, but '\\' worked;
    - On Computer1 => Windows Explorer => Network => Computer1 => Desktop1 I couldn't write files (had read-only permissions), but in Computer1 => %Users%\Admin1\Desktop I could. The problem was with that I wrote above: Right click on %Users%\Admin1\Desktop => 'Security' tab => 'Advanced' => 'Share' tab.
    - user _network1 is only to have access from Computer2 to Computer1 (even not to Computer1 sources). You don't have to give it any permissions. The only permission you should set for 'Autheritcated Users' group.
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