I have a bit of an urgent problem with my P2P network.

My laptop is failing and needs repair but the drive is fine I believe, so I urgently need to do a system image backup to my desktop PC. I usually do this by disabling WIFI on both machines, and connecting the two machines via an Ethernet cable in a P2P set up. It usually takes a few presses of refresh in "Network" for both machines to see each other, but eventually usually works and I can do the backup using System Image Backup.

However, now my two machines are connected but nothing is showing - on the laptop side, my desktop PC does actually show up in the "Network" screen, but when double clicking on it it just brings up the screen to diagnose the problem and says that it can't connect.

The desktop PC shows nothing at all in the Network window. It scans when I press refresh but nothing is returned. This is proving a real pain in the ass because the laptop keyboard is failing and I can't really do much on that side without a lot of effort with on-screen keyboards and such.

Is there anything I might be missing to stop Windows 10 setting up the P2P network between the two machines?

Many thanks