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This may not be the correct answer for your situation, but if you cannot see a computer in Explorer which is on your network, on the computer you cannot see open the Services.msc.

On that, look for a service named Function Discovery Resource Publication and start it. That computer should now show up in the Network section of Explorer. If it works, set the service to start automatically or automatically delayed.

There are a couple of threads about this and it helped me see the other computers on my network. Possibly, when Microsoft did away with the homegroup they neglected to account for the need for this service.
Just wanted to thank you for this solution (> services.msc > Function Discovery Resource Publication (FDRP) etc). I registered for this site specifically to find a solution to my issues. I did not have to start a new post as I found this solution and it worked for me perfectly (so far!).

I have a home network of about 6 devices and a few VMs in Hyper-V (no domain controller etc) mainly linked by Ethernet (a few wifi devices). Once I started rolling out win 10 1803 network issues started. Specifically the upgraded devices were no longer discoverable (even to themselves!). However where I had hard links (such as mappings or RDP links) connections were fine. It all got confusing. But then when I set FDRP to Automatic and 'started' it all was fine. Has survived various reboots etc.

Why Microsoft, when rolling out patch 1803, set this service to manual is anyone's guess. One would have thought this would have been caught in an earlier testing stage.

Well anyway thanks again. And by the way I never used HomeGroup on any of my current machines. Glad MS did away with that pile of ******.