I have three PCs that have updated to 1803. At first I could not connect from one PC to another through File Explorer, regardless of whether or not I was connected to my VPN provider's client (my VPN provider is IVPN).

After enabling Function Discovery Resource Publication in services.msc, it all worked fine without the VPN client.

But connecting to the VPN causes issues.

With the VPN connected, when hovering over the Network Connection Status icon in the System Tray, it shows as [SSID]: No internet access; Unidentified network: Internet access. The same thing happens on a wired connection, with my SSID name replaced by Network 2. Sometimes the Network Connection Status icon shows a yellow triangle (and both show as no internet access), sometimes it doesn't. Either way, the connection to the internet works, regardless of whether there is a yellow triangle or not.

The problem is that because it thinks I am not connected to my actual network (i.e. [SSID] or Network 2), it doesn't recognise that that my connection is private, therefore I cannot access files on other PCs on my network.

I have the same issue on all three PCs on 1803. Two are wired, and one is connected by Wi-Fi, if that makes a difference.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot this issue?

EDIT: I should note that before the update, when connected to the VPN client, it used to say [SSID]: Internet access, Unidentified Network: No internet access.