1# When I click on the 'network' icon in the system tray it list possible connections (like a VPN), but these seem broken. I cant click on them or right click on them. Nothing happens (left click will bring up the standard VPN page but not connect or as me to connect). Are they just for display and all bring you to 100% the same spot?

2# When I am connected to a VPN and bring up the settings window (with VPN clicked) I am unable to disconnect from the VPN. I *always* need to bring that page up once, close it, and bring it up again, otherwise I cannot click on the VPN I am connected to to get the sub-options (which include disconnect).

3# Is it possible to change windows in an obvious way when im connected to ANY VPN? For example if im connected to a VPN id love it if my color scheme could change (example: taskbar turned orange). I often find myself forgetting im connected to a VPN and wasting bandwidth.