Computers can't see each other after upgrade to 1803 Solved

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    Computers can't see each other after upgrade to 1803

    I've never used Homegroup but my two boxes always saw each other and shared files just fine. I have some networked TV tuners and 2 NAS's and they are seen with no problem but the two computers don't share at all. I've tried sharing only certain folders or files with no luck. Turned off firewalls and antivirus with no luck. Ran certain netshare commands I found on the University of Google with no luck and am curious what in 1803 caused this to change.
    I feel it's something simple but after 3 days of head banging, I guess I have to live with it.
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    The reason the 2 computers are not seeing each other is Microsoft turned off SMBv1. Since your NAS and other devices are working fine right now, all you need to do is fix one service that is messed up in 1803.

    There is a service you need to set to Automatic start:

    Function Discovery Resource Publication

    Right click the Start button and click on Run near the bottom of the menu that shows. Type services.msc in the Run box and press enter to open the Services List. Scroll down until you find the Function Discovery Resource Publication. Set it to Automatic. Then right click and start it. That PC will now show up. You need to do this on all computers in the Network that are running April update 1803.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. I didn't mention it but this was something that I did. I didn't want to be long winded so as to have some pass up my post. After originally doing this, one computer can see the other but the other can't see it. And, the one that can see it, can't access it. I get the message "Windows cannot access ||computer name". Reboots don't help either.
    I also went into Turning Windows features on and it shows SMB1 client and server set on 1 machine the other only will start the Server no matter how much I try to, the check mark next to Client on one will not stick.
    Further, it appears the error code is suggesting that the network path was not found.
    It does seem that the longer the systems stay on, the other devices on the network may show up then disappear but that may be from some going to sleep and coming back on.
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    Have you checked in advanced sharing settings to make sure you have password sharing OFF? Also that you have NTFS permissions set accordingly for other computers to access the share? Also check the shared tab on the folder/folders you are trying to access and make sure it is shared accordingly.

    I didn't get into a long drawn out post as it appears you know a bit of what your doing. If you need any help doing the above, let me know. :)

    Also make sure Network Discovery is on in the advanced sharing settings.
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    Thanks, all you mentioned are set correctly. After a few reboots, I'm seeing each computer but still not able to access. It seems like a Windows Firewall issue to me but I'll go thru my router and make sure all looks good there.
    I appreciate your help.
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    If you have the advanced sharing options all set correctly, all the NTFS (security tab) permissions set correctly and the sharing tab set correctly....

    I would check to make sure all services are running that are needed:

    DNS Client
    Function Discovery Resource Publication
    SSDP Discovery
    UPnP Device Host

    see this thread Turn On or Off Network Discovery in Windows 10 | Windows 10 Tutorials

    Check over all of it please to make sure nothing is missed.

    After that, if there is nothing wrong with the router settings, you can try what I had to do after 1803.... rename your main PC and see if the issue persists.

    If it still does this after all the above, I would try changing the "WORKGROUP" name on both computers and rebooting them.
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    I'll give these a try and once again, mucho thanks for all you time and help!
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    Very welcome :)

    It is a pain when stuff does not work right.
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    I have a friend with the exact same problem. I'm sharing this great advice and using Team Viewer if and when I need to actually connect to other computers on the network. Perhaps it's something that a future windows update will address.
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    Very odd but I decided to pull out my Surface Pro and to my surprise, even though it asked me for a login, it connect to both wired computers. I was not expecting that. So I checked mu iPad and it connected as well.
    So.................................I am not worthy!
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