1) Switchiung Bluetooth ON and OFF Display is flilkering a lot. I am affraid this may cause Hardware to go defect.
2) Wi-Fi connection is not willing to Connect, I have to try several times, turniong Wi-Fi ON / OFF and turning ON /OFF Flight mode.
3) My Avermedia USB TV, is not working, it starts up and close imediatly. Re-installed Driver, no Help. Seems there is a USB related Problem, althout TV Stick is recognised and there is no error msg.
4) I ejected my SD Micro card, and connected it to PC again, Scandisk was poping up for Repair. Seems , there are issues with USB again.
5) In Taskarbar , it displays the the Display Language rather the Keyboard in use.

I tried to re-install all Drivers, deleting Drivers from device manager, run SFC, did a "Inplace Upgrade", nothing helps, so I went back to 1709 version.