i m using win10 ver 1803. connectivity problem while using miracast. after doing lots of research i found the problem with Microsoft Wifi Direct Virtual Adapter.

My System Mac address is ba:81:98:26:20:c8. My system is showing Two Wifi direct virtual adapter,1. Microsoft WiFi Direct virtual adapter - MAC Add - ba:81:98:26:20:c92. Microsoft WiFi Direct virtual adapter # 2 - MAC Add - ba:81:98:26:20:c8Whenever i try to connect with my smart tv, My tv shows " connecting with MAC address ba:81:98:26:20:c9" and stuck on this message.If my tv shows "connecting with MAC address ba:81:98:26:20:c8" then it will work perfectly.Now you will ask how i know? I know this when i installed win 10 ver 1603 and my system did not start updating i tried miracast with my tv and on that time it was working like charm and the message was showing on my screen was "connecting with MAC address ba:81:98:26:20:c8".