Sharing Networking Strange Episode

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    Sharing Networking Strange Episode

    This is just a report of my truly strange four-hour afternoon that finally resulted in success. Thanks to several people here, a day to two ago, I was finally able to access one computer from the other, so long as network passwords were disabled.

    I remembered that one step recommended in the non-access thread said to map the network. I did look at on-line documentation about that yesterday, but was more interested in just about finishing my fire service document, having finally received the last two .jpegs.

    Today, I set out to see if I could figure out how to create the map. After a while, working at John-PC1, my computer, I realized that I needed to first create a new folder, which I did in C:\. When I then clicked on the Browse button in the mapping module, that folder appeared, and a few things happened, and then the process seemed finished, so I opened the folder and change some settings from the advice in the earlier thread.

    I then went to John-PC and created a folder, but the Browse process refused to find it. After some time, I decided to see what would happen were I to change the settings in the folder, and then retry Browse, which worked.

    Having apparently established a network map, I re-enabled network passwords on both computers, whereupon I found that I could access Jon-PC from John-PC1, but not the reverse. Decided to restart John-PC1 to see if that would remedy the problem.

    Logged on to John-PC1, to be faced with a complete disaster; nothing except a series of warnings that this, that, and the other no longer worked. Restarted, situation somewhat better, or at least until I saw that, on John-PC1, I had only that computer under Network. Went to John-PC, found both computers under Network.

    I tried to access John-PC1 from John-PC; this time, instead of the usual immediate error message that I did have authority to do that, the green bar in File Manager slowly moved from left to right, and then I was told that John-PC1 could not be found, whereupon John-PC1 disappeared.

    Rebooted John-PC, got both computers back, but still only one on John-PC1, so restarted it yet again. Opened File Manager, clicked on John-PC, and for the first time today, was asked for my credentials. Not knowing what might happen, I chose not to save the entries, but to delight, when I entered the user name and password, I found that I had access from John-PC1 to John-PC.

    Went to John-PC, clicked on John-PC1, was asked for credentials, entered same, accessed John-PC1 from John-PC, the first time since installing Windows 10 Version 1803 last Monday that I was able to do that.

    This was most assuredly not a pleasant afternoon, albeit that the final result was good. I am going to assume that the next time I reboot and try to access either machine from the other, I will again be asked for credentials, which, if they are asked for, I will choose to save them.
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    If you use the cmd to map a drive and use that you can save the txt as map.cmd and simple double click on it when you want to map the drive
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    Good things have been in short supply this week, but at least have not been entirely missing:

    1. I finally received the two .jpegs that I needed to finish my complex fire service document.

    2. Several hours ago, I tightened the chain on my chain saw, which was intentionally left loose last fall, after running it to exhaust the fuel (per the owner's manual,), cleaning the saw, etc. and setting it aside. I then added fuel, and without much trouble it started and ran fine. The downside to that meant that I had to do some work: There are lots of 2-leaf junipers on the property which have been left alone for entirely too many years, some of those years chargeable to me.

    3. Perhaps fifteen minutes ago, I needed to reboot John-PC due to a program update. When that was done, I opened File Manager, asked to access John-PC1, and was quite pleased to be asked to enter my credentials, which I did, asking that they be saved. Access to John-PC1 was granted.

    Three good things have help assuage the untoward difficulties I have encountered this week in setting up the Workgroup to to replace Home Group, the latter of which worked well for my needs. it might have been easier for me had at least Microsoft documentation about setting up a Workgroup had been both complete and correct, neither of which was totally true.

    Sadly, my firmly-held belief that Murphy was an optimist when he said "If something goes wrong..." was validated this week; he ought to have said "When something goes wrong...."
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