ok, (as im sure this will make obvious) networking is not my forte.

I recently ugpraded to gigabit and in the interest of figuring out some ping issues (that'll be another thread after i sort this lol) Ive discovered an issue with my network shares.

If I have dns relay enabled in my gateway, I can access all my pc's and shares within file explorer no problamo.

However the default (and my ideal config) is to have dns relay disabled and thus use the actual dns as opposed to the gateway.

Problem is, doing so stops me from being able to access my pc's shares. The master browser can still see the other pcs ala name in file explorer, but cant access them.

If i manually enter the IP, i can access them just fine. Same with ping. Ping the PC name, no bueno. Ping the IP address, no problamo!

Anyone much more versed than me able to help me address this? Im sure it HAS to be something simple. Otherwise im stuck turning on dns relay.