Hi folks

If I have a NAS / LINUX server and a Windows machine on a network I can mount a Windows drive on to the NAS server and if it's mounted on a SAMBA share e.g /mnt/sharename then anybody who has access to the server can also access the Windows share (assuming right credentials).

the other way around it doesn't work -- If I connect a network share from NAS to the Windows box I can't make that drive shared to other users who can access the Windows box so you need to have TWO devices / servers available on the network instead of just one.

I'm not a network guru so I might have missed something here - but is there any way to share a "shared" network drive so users only see the Windows box with the shared Linux folder on it but have no access to the Linux server.

I don't think this is a problem of actual Network connections but just the way Windows works. Perhaps there's no way around this - but my gut feeling is that it ought to be possible for Windows to "Daisy chain" a network share.