Hello everyone!!
I'm trying to send data wirelessly (without USB) from a sensor connected to Arduino UNO (like an HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor) using the AT-09 Bluetooth module. I'm trying to configure the serial port (COM port) the Bluetooth module is going to use to send the data from the sensor but I'm using Windows 10 and it won't let me add any serial ports or appear anywhere in the settings which port Bluetooth is using. The Bluetooth is paired with the PC but it won't let me configure a new port for it. In device manager there is no Bluetooth com port available . I also run a script in Processing which shows the available ports and it only shows one when the usb is connected, so I guess this means that the PC or the OS doesn't support a Bluetooth serial port??.
In an older PC i have though (running win7 ) I can see the Bluetooth port but there is no driver available for neither of the two ports (the one with the USB and the Bluetooth port)- its a very old SONY VAIO..probably it needs more drivers to be installed
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Thank you very much!!
(P.S. Sorry for the Greek in the pictures it's because i have Greek Windows.. as you can understand it's the Bluetooth settings while i'm trying to configure manually the Outgoing Port and it doesn't show the device at all - picture 3 is from the devices and printers dialog and in the properties of the Bluetooth device i opened the Services Tab where the COM Port of the bluetooth device should have appeared)